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“If you don’t own a home, buy one. If you own a home, buy another one.
If you own two homes, buy a third. And, lend your relatives the money to buy a home.”
John Paulson, investor, and multi-billionaire

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This is the perfect time for you to take advantage of the luxurious life waiting for you in lively Los Angeles County. The large selection of real estate located in the most affluent neighborhoods provides incredible residences that can easily satisfy any palette. The continuously rising Los Angeles market has to lead to a record assessed values price of 1.76 trillion dollars supported by the countywide median of $750,000, which has increased by 19% ($120,000) in the year 2021 alone and is predicted to rise in 2022 by 13.7% according to ZHVF/ Zillow Home Valuation Forecast. Together we will find the perfect property for you, from the bustling downtown area to the serene escape of our breathtaking views. The investment potential is here to stay a nd there is no better place for you to start a life of profits and pleasure than Los Angeles County.
“Away from the bustle, in the center of events.”
Leona offers deep knowledge, a high level of professional service, and close attention to the needs of her clients. Providing her clients with a secret custom-tailored Los Angeles housing report, Leona gives the client the ability to study the market from the inside and make informed decisions to buy or sell the property. Using technological solutions, Leona will keep your time and provide a complete understanding of all processes step by step. With daily control of the transaction tasks, such as document flow, offers, disclosures, inspections, reports, appraisals, title companies, contingency removal, escrow coordination, Leona's clients have the ability to view and control all of their tasks through their phones or computers, seeing deadlines or marking them complete. Her 24/7 hard work, honesty, high standard of responsibility, and attention to detail, give the desired results for clients. It doesn't matter which side Leona represents in the transaction; the priority is your joy, satisfaction, and positive emotions while working with Leona.


Leona will turn the market around, connect clients with the property of their dreams and coordinate the transaction process. Leona helps clients understand the market, process, and steps during transactions. She is able to find the right home and neighborhood for you and your family. She is negotiating the price & terms of the sale, finding the mortgage lender, and obtaining a pre-approval letter. Assisting with documents and disclosures: organizes and checks all reports, inspections, communicating with insurances company and title company. Escrow representation, resolve any last-minute issues, and close carefully. Leona’s office assistants help with relocation or moving arrangements.

For First-time homebuyers, getting a trustworthy real estate agent is essential. Leona will be your knowledgeable resource in different professional areas to help avoid potential pitfalls. Leona connects clients with lending resources to get a mortgage and fast approval and introduces all possibilities of how to save on the down payment. A detailed CMA report helps purchase a home at a market value price; Leona makes every effort to negotiate the best price and not lose the desirable property. Full process coordination with daily updates will move to a smooth closing with the transfer of the property.

The Priority is the clients’ needs - buying a house is not only a process associated with searching for homes and documents; these are emotions that you will remember for a lifetime. Leona intuitively understands her clients and pays attention to detail, giving her clients unforgettable emotions.


With the largest selection of real estate in Los Angeles County: residential and commercial listings, land plots, foreclosure listings, REO homes, short sales, public auction and wholesalers’ access, FSBO, and HUD Listings, Leona offers her clients a variety of investment opportunities. Leona provides lots of data for investors, including reports, zoning new codes, community plan updating, and upcoming laws that can enhance investment opportunities. She has excellent competence in the field of investing and will be a reliable support for investors. Having strong negotiating skills and experience in analyzing deals, investors are satisfied with Leona. She is able to guide you through the mortgage and loan process, helping to compare rates, terms, fees, and getting capital for real estate investment. Accounting, tax, and consulting services are available by request.

Leona fulfills all of your orders and wishes, from bidding at auction to flipping the property. An extensive network of reliable partnerships in Los Angeles allows Leona to perform multi-tasks for clients. Leona and her team will make every effort to increase your capital and financial confidence.


Leona provides you with premium, full-service treatment during the transaction; as your agent, she puts in all of her knowledge, skills, experience, and time to ensure that your house is sold in the specified time frame and with maximum profit for you. Leona's property preparation and knowledge collection from around the world ensures that the potential buyers and visitors entering the house will experience positive emotions – desire to buy this property. Leona pays attention to all details, and assists with seller’s disclosure forms, contracts, inspections, reports, collecting information about a current mortgage loan, discussing with a tax adviser regarding property tax, rechecking lot size in the county records, and unrecorded easements & much more. When the Home is ready, Leona’s marketing strategy is approved; using all available marketing tools, unique techniques, and platforms, Leona starts marketing and the selling process, including private showings. She will do her best to bring a selection of buyers’ offers to the table.

Leona walks the Seller through the necessary paperwork with recommendations on protecting the seller from small mistakes at home condition disclosure that can trigger a lawsuit from the buyer years after the sale. And at the end of the process, Leona will send the notification of the banking transfer fund to the seller, which will mark the closing of escrow. Leona will communicate daily with the seller during the selling process, and several detailed reports per week will be sent by email. After successfully making the sale, Leona will be assisting the seller with any relocation needs.


Leona offers her professional help to find a solution for homeowners who have difficulty paying their mortgage or already getting recorded Notice of Default. Please do not despair; Leona is ready to provide her professional help; there are many options for getting out of this situation; the most important thing is not to waste precious time. Options: refinancing, lender workout, forbearance, loan modification, sell and bring cash to closing, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. All of these options require professional knowledge, fast work (time plays a decisive role), and cooperation with Lender(s) or creditors(s) considering their requirements and procedures. You need to know; this area of knowledge and activity differs from ordinary property sales and requires study with certifications. Unfortunately, many agents today are listing short-sale properties without knowing how to conduct the necessary negotiations, and their sellers are paying the price for that lack of knowledge. All too often, listings that begin as short sales go into foreclosure. Leona, your resource and consultant with SFR Certification from NAR® (Short Sale Foreclosure). Through hard work and negotiation, Leona is ready to help start your day without feeling a financial burden on your shoulders.

Good to know: The Foreclosure Consultants Law, §2945 of California, states that real estate agents who represent or assist homeowners with a notice of default recorded “residence of foreclosure” prohibits them from receiving any fees in advance.


Leona Estates offers a customized solution and full-service representation for clients interested in buying, selling, renting, or investing in real estate in Los Angeles County. Leona offers professional help with creating plans and solutions for homeowners who have difficulty paying their mortgage, missed payments, or already received notice of default. Leona and her team will provide you with premium, full-service treatment during each transaction. With the help of Leona and her experienced team, your goals will be achieved in the best way.