International Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to Los Angeles and Welcome to Leona Estates! Throughout this section of content, we are going to give You extremely important information about all the topics and questions an international buyer or investor might have. After reading through this information, if you have any other questions, contact us whenever is most convenient for you. My professional team of both lawyers and tax advisors will help investors solve any problems they have regarding legal issues or tax planning concerns. The popularity of property in the United States continues to skyrocket so take advantage of this opportunity and learn more about the amazing potential these investments have.

The United States of America (USA)

Many people typically refer to the United States as the “land of opportunity”. This is especially true concerning the opportunities that are brought forth for many investors and emigrants who take a chance on this country. Fortunately, this is true for numerous people as they start to learn how to make more money in the industry of real estate. Investment in America means you have an unlimited number of opportunities that you can take control of to create the prosperous future you’ve always wanted for yourself.

From its founding in 1776, the United States has grown to produce the largest economy in the entire world when considering the national GDP. GDP being defined as the monetary price associated with the actual market value of the products and services being produced during any given time period. Additionally, this country holds the leading position through the large number of socio-economic indicators it possesses. Given the advanced scientific research as well as the numerous technological innovations occurring in this country every day, the United States is truly considered the only superpower in the entire world.

No Foreigner Restrictions with the Possession of Real Estate

There are numerous countries around the world where foreign persons deal with various restrictions that hinder them from making the real estate and land purchases they desire. In the United States, all foreigners are allowed to purchase and fully own any real estate also available to American citizens. Every foreigner has the chance to take advantage of the United States real estate market that is also open to the entire world for investing.


A population of 18.7 million people live within the greater Los Angeles area. This is the second-largest urban area within the entire United States of America. There are five different counties located on this 33,954 square mile plot of land which includes Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles County. When considering the entire land area of the United States, this is the largest metropolitan region. Many people choose to flock to the greater Los Angeles area because it has become a global center for all business conducted for international investments and trade over numerous industries. Some of these industries include real estate, sports, tourism, technology, and education. Being the second-largest metropolitan area in the world according to the nominal GDP has permitted the greater Los Angeles area to produce an economy that now exceeds $1 trillion in regular output that allows this number to stay consistent.

The Growing Los Angeles Economy

When people think of Los Angeles, they immediately associate it with the entertainment industry that has grounded heavy roots in this metropolitan area. This includes recorded music, film industries, and video games as well. What many foreigners don’t realize is that they can truly benefit from the other significant portions of the Los Angeles economy such as the shipping and international trade businesses that are located near both the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. The consistency of the transactions that occur here have made this the United States’ most busy seaport. Some of the industries where the most transactions occur include petroleum, technology, aerospace, apparel, fashion, and tourism as well. There are no limits to the financial opportunities in this area.

The U.S. economy continues to thrive in large part due to the enormous contributions being made by the real estate industry. Many people travel to the United States to buy numerous properties in Los Angeles due to the amazingly profitable investment potential that arises. Additionally, this great source of wealth and savings produces a large amount of percent interest that goes back into the hands of the wise investors. If you are someone who wants to try your hand at investing, Leona will find you the best properties on the market that fit your personal goals while also allowing you to make profitable real estate investments.

Follow the Market Trends

The premier real estate market found in Los Angeles has proven to be quite amazing for both investors and homeowners alike. It has also come to be known as a more luxurious housing market as well. Long-term investments made within the Los Angeles area never seem to disappoint. Leona will help you choose the right property that will allow you to make a profit off your investments. According to Zillow, there have been many price increases on the average home price in Los Angeles beginning in the year 2012. In 2012, the average price of a home in Los Angeles increased by upwards of 100% going from $399,000 to $809,750. This large surplus of money has allowed Los Angeles to competitively rank against other cities in the nation for overall real estate gains.

Moreover, the median sales price during the middle of the 2021 summer obtained an average value of $809,750 which went up 18.9% throughout the past year in Los Angeles. On average, any given home located in Los Angeles County will sell after spending about 50 days on the market in total. This is an extremely fast turnaround time in comparison to other cities across the nation. These metrics aren’t projected to decreased during the 2021-2022 season as shown by the current supply-demand dynamics.

The appreciation value for real estate investments is going to continually increase given there is a high level of demand with not a large enough inventory to quite satisfy the numbers. This is your time to jump in on these profits while they are on a steady incline. There are numerous different real estate experts that strongly believe these home values won’t stop increasing any time soon. The global pandemic wasn’t even enough to stop the Los Angeles housing market from constantly growing. The pricing and selling structure of all homes located in Southern California are surpassing the numbers produced last year given the historically low interest rates as well as the high level of demand. This amazing level of high housing price appreciation is very typical for Los Angeles County.


Below is a list of a few essential real estate resources that Leona can help you understand. Having a professional real estate agent in your corner when you’re trying to make new investments is the key to your financial success.

Control and Licensing

Every single real estate transaction that occurs in the state of California is regulated by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). The overall mission of this organization is to utilize regulations, licensure, education, and enforcement measures to support and safeguard public interests in all matters associated with real estate.

To officially become a real estate broker or agent, you can’t have a criminal record which is determined through the fingerprinting process. Then, the prospective agents/brokers go through a training course that prepares them to successfully pass the exam that will allow them to have their license. Each agent/broker can hold their license for 4 years before they need to get it renewed by going through an additional course of training. The Real Estate market in California is quite complex (laws, regulations, requirements, etc.) for both the Buyers and the Sellers, that’s why agents/brokers receive such a deep, comprehensive education, including the legal framework, tax knowledge, banking case, zoning, etc. Using all the knowledge backed by experience, Leona works successfully for her clients. You can trust Leona as your independent contractor, the license number detailed on the website. 

Multiple Listing Service

This ideal is different for every country. When a new property goes up for sale in CA, Los Angeles Area, this real estate is listed on the Multiple Listing Service within 24 hours of it going on the market. Leona has direct access to all the properties on the MLS so she’ll be able to help you find the perfect one for your next investment or home purchase. With full MLS access you won’t have to hire numerous different agents to find the property you’re looking for.

Pocket listing are those real estate properties that aren’t listed on the MLS. In some situations, sellers do not always want their real estate agents to list their properties on the MLS. According to the Model MLS Rules, the broker needs to submit a certification that has been signed by the seller to show they don’t authorize the listing of their property in the MLS. This is represented by the “Seller Instruction to Exclude Listing” form (Form SEL).

Agency and Remuneration

The agency is defined as the person the real estate agent/broker is representing during any given transaction. They could either be given the title of “The Buyer’s Agent”, or “The Seller’s Agent”, or they could be working within a dual agency which allows the real estate agent to represent both parties in the overall transaction. If the real estate agent is to work for a Dual Agency, this stipulation has to be agreed upon by the buyer and seller in a written disclosure. The total price of a property being sold defines the amount of commission a real estate agent/broker is going to receive with the approximate amount being 6%. This value is shared equally being the agent of the buyer and the agent of the seller as well.


A written representation agreement is created between the buyer and the agent when they officially decide to work together. This allows the buyer to utilize all the crucial benefits that come with having a real estate agent’s assistant during the home buying process. Many surveys have shown that a successful transaction between buyer’s and their agents are more likely to occur if there is an open line of communication.

The Written Agreement: California Buyer Agency Agreement

This binding document creates an official relationship between the agent/broker and the buyer. As the investor, you will always know exactly what responsibility each party has during the signing of this agreement. When you choose to work under this agreement, every step of the investment process will be extremely clear which allows you to fully understand the amazing benefits you’ll receive depending on the agreement you decide to choose. If you choose to work under a dual agency, this will allow Leona to work with both you and the seller to ensure both parties receive profitable benefits from transaction.

Choose Your Agreement: Which One is Better For YOU?

The California Association of Realtors regulates the numerous forms of agent/broker agency agreements. When a homebuying client chooses to work with an Agent/Broker, they also need to choose a type of relationship – Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement or a Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement. 

Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement (commission is paid by the buyer)

This contract describes in full detail the relationship that exists between the real estate agent/broker and the client who is looking to purchase or invest in real estate. As a prospective buyer, utilizing this type of agreement allows your chances of making a successful investment you’re confident in to drastically increase. Browse through the amazing benefits below to decide whether this type of agreement is the right choice for you.

  • Experience an exclusive investment partnership as Leona is working fully for you to represent the exclusive interests you have for your property. Whether this just be a regular primary-resident purchase or a new investment venture, she will make sure everything you do is going to be for the financial benefit you wish to gain.
  • Gain exclusive access to the entire real estate market including For Sale by Owner (FSBO) as well as Foreclosure/Auction. There will be no housing opportunities that you won’t have access to through Leona. You will have access to the entire property market, including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to find the perfect property for you.
  • Understand that in some scenarios, real estate agents won’t show properties to the prospective buyers if the commission they will receive is small or nonexistent even though the investment potential for the buyer could be really high. A decent amount of real estate agents works as independent contractors who want to receive a commission given the time and work they put into finding the right property for their clients.
  • Appreciate the responsibility Leona has to you as her exclusive client. She will complete thorough investigations on all the information that will help you as a buyer make the final decision to purchase any given property. Office Leona Estates is going to be completely devoted to making sure you receive the best investment by completing research on potential properties as well as helping you complete numerous due diligent and transactions that involve lawyers and tax attorneys. You will be able to pay Leona a commission for the amount of time, knowledge, and dedication she puts into finding you an incredible property you never would’ve been able to find on your own. Most buyers love the exclusivity of this agreement because they are able to work with Leona who is going to exclusively work for them and see to it that their profit goals are met through every investment.

The average commission for a real estate agent in the state of California is 6% of the actual sale price. This percentage can fluctuate for the property buyer if the seller chooses to pay full or partial amounts of the compensation from the overall sale proceeds. From these numbers, the liability of the buyer could be proportionally reduced. When you work with Leona as your extremely experienced real estate agent, you will understand that this is money well spent for the quality service and attention you receive. These quality investments will give you the opportunity to gain professionalism and knowledge while purchasing a successful investment that will provide you an income. This exclusive contract will allow Leona to do everything she can for prospective buyers who want to participate in a smart investment through the purchase of property in Los Angeles, California.

Non-Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement (commission is not paid by the buyer)

This agreement circumvents the usual commission payment process completed by the buyer to their real estate agent/broker. This written agreement also informs both the buyer and the agent/broker about what tasks, duties, and responsibilities are expected from both parties throughout their professional relationship. If the buyer, seller, and real estate agent/broker all want to be part of a dual agency, that will officially be implemented in this written agreement. Given the non-exclusive nature of this agreement, the broker or the buyer can revoke their consent to continue in this professional relationship. Additionally, a prospective homebuyer will not have the opportunity to get a full range of access to all real estate properties available on the market.

Creating an exclusive agreement is an extremely important part of your investing process. If you want to have an investment opportunity with large potential for an extremely high income, then you should definitely choose the Exclusive Agreement. You will get access to every single amazing property on the market.

Leona offers all clients her full attention and dedication to their investment goals. Due to this truth, Leona does not take on a large number of clients all at one time. Some of her prospective clients go on the waiting list while she successfully completes the current transactions she has with her existing clientele. Additionally, most of the agency agreements she partakes in are Exclusive Buyer Representation agreements. Her full commitment to these transactions allows her to receive high-quality results for all her clients. Please contact Leona so she can further discuss and help you determine how her office can help you start.


Foreign Investors Complete International Transactions: U.S. Residential Market Numbers

Accordingly, to the most recently updated numbers, there has been a monetary volume of $54.4 billion created by foreign buyers making purchases on residential properties within the United States from April 2020 to March 2021. This amounts to about 2.8% of the total monetary volume of the existing home sales that have taken place in the United States which is about $1.96 trillion. There are many different reasons why people are making larger investments within the United States and more specifically Los Angeles, California. Check out the list below to find out more.

Safety and Security

There are many different regulations and laws within the United States that provide real estate owners and investors a varying degree of protections. The United States has claimed its place as the world’s most secure country in regard to real estate stability. The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) protects all the transactions that are set to take place within the real estate industry to serve the real property market most efficiently.

To ensure that all potential property buyers are fully taken care of, the DRE is also the organization responsible for providing real estate licenses to real estate brokers/agents. The candidates who would like to become professional real estate brokers/agents go through an extensive background screening process to ensure they have NO criminal background. If any criminal background is found, the candidate will not be granted a real estate license. A previously granted license can also be immediately revoked if the candidate is found to be conducting any personal or professional violations. This is also true if someone is consistently behind payments for their child support.

To insure all the investments, you make within the United States of America are completely secure, the DRE has a Recovery Fund. This is a “last resort” account that may allow the consumer to be monetarily compensated for the financial losses they experienced when working with the fraudulent real estate licensee. These wrongful acts are taken extremely seriously and will be implemented if the consumer receives criminal restitution or a final civil judgment. The consumer will officially receive their payment for any arbitration that occurred if the judgment isn’t resolve through any normal post-judgment proceedings already set in place.

Tax Deductions and Vital Tax Breaks

When you decide to become a real estate investor, there are certain tax breaks and deductions you are at liberty to take advantage of that can save you a lot of money in the long-term. These deductions generally come from the typical costs associated with operating, managing, and owning real estate. Some more information is detailed below.

Personal Residence: Tax Deductions and Capital Gain

For personal residences, homeowners can deduct the following classifications from their annual income taxes: mortgage loan interest, property taxes, and prepayment penalties. Additionally, the person selling the home is eligible to exclude up to $250,000 of any capital gain they receive on the sale of their property. This value is bumped up to $500,000 if the sellers are joined in a legal marriage. The sellers just have to make sure they lived in the home for two out of the last five years to officially qualify for this exemption.

Income-Producing Property

If Buyers choose to invest in income-producing property, they can deduct all of the follow items from their taxes: mortgage loan interest, property taxes, prepayment penalties, operating expenses, depreciation of improvements. Additionally, a depreciating property must have an even time allocation to represent the depreciation most accurately. This is 27.5 years for apartments and rented homes, and 39 years for commercial buildings.

Competitive Returns Adjusted for Risk Management

The amount of returns you will receive on any given real estate property depends on various different factors associated with the property you’re trying to purchase. This includes the asset class, management requirements, location, etc. which are all especially important when buying real estate in a luxurious area such as Los Angeles. Many investors strive to stay up to date with the S&P 500 stock market index. Investors use this index as a benchmark to constantly understand the state at which the current overall economy is in as well as their individual portfolio investments. This benchmark of the United States stock market will help you understand what percentage of returns you’re getting from your investments. Foreign investors can use this to see the wide market breadth and overall health of the United States stock market. Just for reference, over the past 50 years the average annual return has been approximately 11.5%.

Capability of Inflation Hedge

The capability of inflation hedge is extremely reliant upon the continuously positive correlation between GDP growth and the overall demand for real estate in Los Angeles. The economy continues to expand and so does the demand for these properties causing the rent prices and capital values to increase as well. Real estate maintains capital buying power by placing some of the pressures of inflation on the shoulders of the new tenants. This is sometimes seeing through capital appreciation.

Positive Cash Flow Increase

This is designated as the amount of net financial profit you will see from your next real estate investment after the mortgage and management payments have all been paid in full. The idea of having an unlimited potential for increase in positive cash flow is a major reason why buyers consistently consider investing in numerous real estate ventures. Real estate provides you with passive income opportunities that you truly can’t resist. For example, if you have ten rental properties that each generate about $13,000 a month, you are earning a total of $156,000 a month in positive cash flow through passive means. Without worrying about your own mortgage payment on a primary residence, you could use this passive income as a source of retirement. 

Housing Appreciation

As you invest in more rental property, you have the opportunity to make more money from the rental income and other profits that are produced by any other business activity directly associated with the property in question. From the historical data and the project metrics, one can see that real estate values will continue to increase over time resulting in higher cash flow opportunities for the investor, You!

Real Estate Leverage

When you make an investment on any given property, you want to ensure you’re going to receive as much return on this investment as possible. Using borrowed sources of capital as well as other financial tools can help you increase your potential return. This is leverage. Also, if you are about to make the full 20% mortgage down payment on the property you’re looking to buy, this leverage will allow you to receive 100% of that property. Financing is always an option for real estate because it’s a physical asset many buyers and sellers alike love to use as collateral.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans: Long Term for Foreign Buyers

New and veteran investors alike should always take advantage of the low-interest payment opportunities over the course of 15 to 30 years. Real estate interest rates are currently extremely low in the United States so now is the perfect time to invest. For nonresident foreign nationals, the government-backed conventional loans are not an option. There are three main avenues every nonresident foreign national should take when trying to invest in U.S. property.


Larger banks such as the HSBC, have a wide range of expertise with providing foreign nationals the mortgage loans they need up to $10 million (USD). If you have already been the client of a private bank within other countries, the managers will most likely be more than happy to help you make your purchase because they understand this is a safe investment for them. Your great creditability with other banks will help you conduct your business and investments in the United States.

Traditional Bank

Some financial institutions located in the United States will happily welcome the application of a foreign national who is not a resident of the United States. Although this is true, every financial entity will have their own set of regulations and requirements including the monetary value of the loan and well as how much down payment is required from the potential buyer. This down payment is usually 30% for international buyers. Going through this process with a traditional bank can prove to be extremely difficult, but there is always a chance that the bank will allow you to borrow money from them.

Private Lenders (Easiest Option)

As a potential buyer, you should get your real estate agent to reach out to a private lender given they have completed various different transactions with foreign nationals all over the United States and more specifically in Los Angeles. This process will be extremely easy for you as you will receive up to 75% LTV and a 30-year fixed interest rate. These private financial institutions provide extremely flexible financing solutions that are tailored to your individual situation as a foreign national looking to invest in commercial or residential properties.


Many individuals purchase property in the United States as a means of making money from this new investment. Within the state of California and the entire country, numerous non-U.S. citizens own homes in these areas. This shows through either individual purchase made directly or domestic purchases made indirectly through foreign entities.The methodology followed by a non-U.S. citizen who owns U.S. real estate is extremely important. Non-U.S. citizens most likely don’t want to pay U.S. estate tax when they are proclaimed dead if it can be circumvented. This form of “death” tax that is associated with inheritance is not enforced in other countries. If an individual foreign citizen directly owns the property in question, they will have to pay this “death” tax once they are proclaimed to be dead.

As a foreign investor, you should always adequately plan for the potential consequences that could arise from the need to pay numerous taxes for your real estate investments made in the United States. In this country, foreign real estate investments always have a very complex legal framework. There are various important factors every foreign investor should thoroughly understand before selling, investing, or acquiring any real estate in the United States of America.

This being said, all foreign national investors must pay close attention to and prepare for the taxes they will have to abide by when purchasing United States property. The legal framework that is currently in place for foreign real estate investments is extremely complex so there are many factors to be considered before a final purchase is made. These are stated in the list below.

  • Is there profitable income generation potential from this real estate investment?
  • Are you looking for debt interest, equity interest, of both from your investment?
  • Should you invest in this property through a corporation, trust, partnership, or alone?
  • Should you use a foreign or domestic entity? Should you use a combination of both?
  • Should you utilize a medium or long-term financing structure for tax benefits?
  • Is your financing going to come from a U.S. or non-U.S. source?
  • As a foreign corporation, should you be taxed like a domestic U.S. corporation?
  • What information does the IRS need to know about you as a foreign investor and what tax return information needs to be promptly filed? Can this all be avoided?
  • Are you hoping for some form of capital appreciation and increased annual income?
  • Do you need “income tax losses” early on due to other U.S. incomes your receiving?
  • How long do you think this real estate interest investment is going to last for you?

All these questions will receive sufficient answers once the foreign investor speaks directly with a professional tax lawyer to completely explain the personal and financial goals they wish to achieve from making this new prospective purchase. Leona has direct access to many reputable tax lawyers who have the professional expertise needed to make legal recommendations. This will help you understand that your profitable investments are being protected at all times. As you’re looking to make real estate investments in the United States, you must first completely understand tax information and what exact plan will bring you the most profit. 

Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)

This is a different tax method that was created specifically for non-U.S. residents to have the opportunity for gain taxation that occurs from the U.S. real estate they own. A mandatory withholding mechanism is imposed by FIRPTA where the escrow company has to withhold a portion of the tax immediately after the property is sold. This tax can also be withheld by a different withholding agent that is considered a third-party escrow. 

Taxes Imposed Under FRIPTA is 15%

Under FIRPTA regulations, a tax can’t be imposed unless a sale or disposition has occurred for U.S. Real Property Interest (USRPI). To understand this, you must first understand that a USRPI is considered any and all direct ownership interest that is placed on U.S. real property. This can include but is not limited to corporation, partnership, and estate ownership interests for real U.S. or U.S. Virgin Islands property. The IRS is the organization that defines what “real property” truly is rather than local California laws. This real property includes the following:

  • Minerals and crops that are still intact within the ground without any severance
  • Permanent buildings and other improvement structures considered to be permanent
  • Real personal property (ex: timbering, mining, and construction equipment that is used to build real property establishments such as motels, hotels, apartments, or office spaces)

The USRPI “real property” definition is considered to somewhat flexible but a pure creditor’s interest is still not considered to be a USRPI. Mortgage is a pure debt interest for United States real estate but still does not create a USRPI. Unless a loan is created using a framework that considers it to be a portfolio interest, the foreign lender who ends up taking the mortgage against a U.S. real estate property has to pay the withholding tax on the interest associated with the income on the property in question. This means that debt investments could be a much better option for foreign investors to actually invest in United States real estate without paying FIRPTA taxes. Additionally, pure creditors don’t have a large amount of reporting obligations they must complete for the IRS. Other creditor/debtor relationships can be uniquely formed in order to further avoid FIRPTA taxes.

USRPI Tax Disposition Rate

This is the not the final tax, but simply the withholding tax used as a collection mechanism against the final income tax. The law states that resident alien individuals have to pay a holding amount consistent with a 15% tax rate on the property given there is a good chance the property was owned by a foreign resident as a capital asset. Both the IRS and California tax law require that 15% of the overall sales price is withheld when United States real property is sold by foreign nationals if the sales price exceeds $1,000,000. If the sales price is between $300,001 and $1,000,000, then either 10% or 15% is to be withheld. Finally, on sales prices of $300,000 or less, 15% to as little as 0% of the money is withheld.

In addition, the escrow agents in the state of California also have a legal duty to inform their buyers of the withholding tax obligations that exist. As previously stated, this is not the final income tax given a withholding tax is simply used as a collection mechanism against the final income tax.

This information should be taken into careful consideration by all foreign investor who would like to make investment purchases for United States real estate. The utilization of a professional real estate agent in combination with a great tax lawyer is going to be necessary to create a solid legal structure for your next purchase. Many tax lawyers always claim it’s much easier to make a strategy if you’re a non-U.S. investor.

If you would like to learn more information about the taxes associated with the overall homebuying process, please visit the Buyer’s Guide page. All the additional information you need to know about tax, insurance, escrow, and so much more is located here.


Given the current nature of the pandemic, many investors have taken the liberty of purchasing their investment properties through remote means. COVID-19 didn’t stop buyers and sellers from making their real estate purchases but it just shifted the way in which they went about this process. This included electronic signatures as well as augmented reality video demonstrations of the real estate property they’re trying to purchase. Leona is able to make this process directly accessible to her clients as a remote purchase is very similar to that of a regular purchase given the buyers will be able to go on a virtual tour of the property. This will also include a report from a professional inspector and appraiser. Investors must show a mandatory presence at the bank ONLY if they are taking out a mortgage.

Legal Signatures

The E-Sign Act of 2000 creates the opportunity for investors to utilize their electronic signature as a valid form of signing documents that is equal in recognition as anything that’s signed in-person. The advanced technology that has emerged in recent times have made the ability for clients to close on their properties remotely a much more commonly completed task. Leona and her office will send you all legal documents associated with the contract and addenda. An electronic signature system will allow you to sign these documents and Leona Estates will ensure they are received by the appropriate party.

Leona will collaborate with the closing attorney you choose as the buyer as well as FedEx/DHL to ensure your physical signatures are on certain documents the attorney needs prior to closing. Leona and a professional lawyer will go to the closing table as your representatives with the signed closing documents so the funds can be wired and the transfer will be complete. As the investor/buyer, you do not need to be present during this process because Leona will successfully complete this transaction on your behalf after you agree and sign all the legal documents. After closing, Leona will send you all contracts, receipts, and the property title as well. Additionally, Leona will help you with future options such as being a property manager, investor in rental programs, etc.

Complete Risk Reduction: Zero Risk Opportunity

By using this method, you will have NO risks going into the complexity that is the homebuying process. Leona will be able to complete all the leg work for you while you view your property and sign the documents from the comfort of your own home. Both Leona and a professional lawyer are licensed professionals who have produced an amazing past reputation to make sure their license isn’t revoked. You will always be in good hands. A licensed escrow company will be utilized as a third-party entity to also ensure your funds are kept safe during the entire transaction. Every step is made extremely clear to all investors and this safe process is not completed without your consent.

The Remote Homebuying Process

This process includes the following steps:

  • The buyer and agent/broker will sign a mutual written agreement
  • The agent/broker will utilize all means appropriate to help you find the perfect property for your next investment including personal research and the MLS
  • The agent/broker will help their client put forth a reasonable offer to the seller
  • A professional inspection, assessment, and appraisal will be performed on the property to determine any defects of the property or title
  • After the title review is complete, the escrow process will begin. Towards the end of the escrow process, a final video tour of the property will be conducted for the client
  • The client will pay for the property and complete any final closing payments so the clean title can be transferred to the new homeowner.

If any more questions arise after reading through this information, we would love to connect with you! Call us or send us an email so we can start your investment journey together. Leona would like to meet you in person at the Leona Estates corporate office located in Los Angeles, California.