Bel Air

As it is with other real estate spots in Los Angeles, Bel Air is one of the most private communities with amazing estates sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. This area is located to the West of Holmby Hills and the North of Beverly Hills. On Sunset Boulevard, residents will see UCLA to the South and Interstate 405 to the West. In the 1920s, Bel Air was founded by primary real estate developers who were local to Los Angeles. Alphonzo Bell is a high-end real estate developer who founded this area and also founded the Bel Air Bay Club. This is a beachfront club located in Pacific Palisades where only the most exclusive members are able to attend. Moreover, George Thomas designed the Bel Air Country Club which features a marvelous golf course.

Bel Air is located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains is associated with Los Angeles proper. The San Fernando Valley is located to the North of Bel Air and there are plenty of lofty neighborhoods in this area as well such as the Mulholland Estates. Additionally, the services to this community are provided by The City of Los Angeles. All of these different services include the Los Angeles Police Department and Fire Department 71. The community of Bel Air takes the safety of its residents seriously by providing private security resources such as the ATD/Bel Air Patrol and ACS Security. For those looking for a secure place to live, you truly can’t go wrong with Bel Air.

The reputation of this private neighborhood speaks volumes given the famous television shows and movies that have been produced there. For example, the very famous television sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” starring Will Smith was set in Bel Air. Will Smith has now gone on to become number 18 on Forbes Highest-Paid Actors List in the year 2015. Moreover, the notorious Beverly Hillbillies mansion can also be spotted on the grounds of Bel Air. Some photo shoots for the movies Sunset Boulevard and Get Shorty have been performed through the incredible land of Sunset Boulevard. Although there have been very famous movies and photo shoots set in Bel Air, the neighborhood is still extremely private and does not usually take to camera crews.

Important Real Estate Information

When living in Bel Air, you will always have the luxury of living next to the A-list neighbors within this prestigious neighborhood. Throughout the entirety of real estate in Bel Air you’ll find gated communities to provide extreme levels of privacy for the residents. Many famous business leaders within their industry have chosen to live in Bel Air. Some of these names include President Ronald Reagan and Elon Musk. Residents will mostly find homes with a more modern style although there are still some ranch-style homes located in Bel Air. The Los Angeles basin is one of the many dramatic sights the residents have the pleasure of viewing. These views also include the various airplanes that are making their way to LAX that is a mere 15 miles away as well as Catalina Island right off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you are a bachelor or part of a long standing couple, you will find great joy from living in Bel Air. This area provides a high level of privacy as well as continuous luxury for all residents. Throughout the entirety of Los Angeles County, Bel Air houses the largest amount of single-family home development projects which is an enormous accomplishment. Given these amazing perks, the homes in Bel Air are always in very high demand compared to other communities in the county. Since the current supply of homes is less than the demand, the median price to live in Bel Air is around $1,800,000. This makes the average price per square footage around $803 which is about 56% higher than other communities in Los Angeles. A few years ago, the market price was higher than this number by 18.2% showing a median of about $2,200,000. Although $1.8 million may seem large to some, this current price value is optimal for those who are in the market for a home in Los Angeles County. More specifically, for those looking to set up shop in Bel Air.

This location also provides you very easy access to two well renowned airports. These are Santa Monica (KSMO) and Van Nuys (KVNY). The airports listed provide private travel avenues for those resident who do not wish to fly with public airports. Additionally, the Santa Monica beach and the Pacific Palisades will be only 20 minutes away from your central location in Bel Air which is great for weekend family trips.

The Lifestyle

Many of the residents who live in Bel Air are married couples. This percentage rounds up to about 87% of the residents to be exact. In addition to that, many of them are also professionals in their craft because they are college graduates with a stable job that allows them to be homeowners instead of just renters. The average age range of residents living in Bel Air is 50 to 59 years old so this area is very conducive to raising a family. If you are someone who likes seclusion and privacy from the busier Los Angeles city, then this area is perfect for you.

Fortunately, you are still not located very far from the major attractions that are tokens of Los Angeles. Many people don’t necessarily love the commute on Interstate-405, but what person loves any sort of traffic? Fortunately, Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, and Beverly Glen Boulevard are all very easily accessible to this neighborhood. With these areas as your destination, you won’t be able to help enjoying your convenient commute. This short commute also translates to the various restaurants located in this area. Also, there is great amounts of high-end shopping to be done in Bel Air.

Families who live in Bel Air with their children can feel confident about the school systems that are in the surrounding areas. These include the John Thomas Dye School, Roscomare Road Elementary School, Marymount High School, and Community Magnet Charter School. All of these school, public and private alike, will provide great experiences for your young ones. In addition, if you have college age children, the University of California Los Angeles is a public university that is only 8 minutes away from Bel Air.

Major Attractions

In addition to the great stores for shopping, this area provides an amazing selection of natural parks that are always available for frequent visitors. Some of these areas include Westwood Village, Beverly Glenn Park, Stone Canyon Reservoir Park, and the Getty as well. These are all amazing places to visit on the weekends with your family. If you are a fabulous single, there is nothing wrong with taking a stroll through these parks and enjoying the fabulous nature by yourself.

On a more modern note, there are a couple of five star hotels located in the Bel Air area such as Hotel Bel Air and the Bel Air Country Club. As was previously mentioned, these hotels were immaculately designed by Alphonzo Bell and they are some of the most exclusive areas in Bel Air. Along with the exclusivity of the hotels comes the exquisite restaurants that are run by celebrity chefs. One of these very chic restaurants is Vibranto Grill Jazz located on Beverly Glen Boulevard. This amazing dining area is owned by Herb Alpert who is the jazz icon who supports the American venue that brings some of the best live jazz to Bel Air. Many of the Bel Air residents love this authentic experience while they’re feasting on some of the most high-quality food in Bel Air.

The Nightlife

Given that Bel Air is known to be one of the more private and calm neighborhoods, the exotic nightlife scene can easily be found in close neighborhoods in West Hollywood and Westwood, Beverly Hills. Just because you enjoy peace and quiet the majority of the time doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun every now and then! Living in Bel Air gives you the freedom to have the best of both worlds. This upscaled martini lounge called Nic’s is located in the Beverly Hills and allows for an extremely decadent dining experience for any party involved.

To add just a bit of history to the Bel Air record books, Hotel Bel Air was built in 1922 as a very charming, Spanish monastery-style building. This can easily become your new home away from home given they have an amazing bar and other culinary-related treats for all those who want to have a high-quality experience.