Beverly Hills

There are so many different options to choose from when deciding where to live in Los Angeles, but our site provides you with all the important information you’re dying to know. Beverly Hills is a major part of the Los Angeles’ Platinum Triangle which also consists neighborhoods of Bel Air located in the northern region and Holmby Hills located in the west. Ever since the 1920s, the real estate construction of Beverly Hills has continued to increase and gain more notoriety with time. The first powerful film industry stars to build mansions in this area were Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. This sparked the luxury estate revolution that would soon take over this city. Other important business owners such as Rudolph Valentino in combination with cultural icons like Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Seacrest continue to provide an attractive look for Beverly Hills.
The local attractions of Beverly Hills are serviced by the following organizations: the Beverly Hills Police Department, City Hall, and the Beverly Hills Fire Department. All of these organizations are very efficient and they work extremely hard to make sure this area stays safe for all residents. Also, the maintenance of Beverly Hills is top of the line so the city is also aesthetically pleasing to new visitors and old residents alike. Another attracting factor is the large variety of real estate options offered by this area.

Important Real Estate Information

Every option provides a different luxurious flare that all potential buyers will love. This variety stems from the enormous collection of historic architecture that includes very modern and more traditional homes. There are Hampton style estates and gated communities located all over Beverly Hills. The average price for a home in this wonderful city is about $3,860,991 so every buyer knows they are getting the highest quality home in this area. Beverly Hills home values have gone up 8.7% over the past year.

The Lifestyle

Aside from just the architecture, the people who live in this area are the A-list celebrities and the C-level managers who work for Fortune 100 companies. Additionally, this city is also home to international clients who want to live in these luxurious estates. They attract some of the world’s most creative thinkers and top producers who are leading the business world. Being a resident in Beverly Hills means having lavish shopping sprees and fabulous dinners at gourmet restaurants. Residents with families can also rest assured that they will have great school systems for their children as well as safe and private neighborhoods to live in. Some of these schools include Horace Mann Elementary, El Rodeo Elementary, Kabbala Children’s Academy Day School. Hawthorne Elementary School, and Beverly Vista. This is just to name a few!

Top-Rated Restaurants

There are also many different dining options in Beverly Hills for when residents are craving quality food. In Beverly Hills, there is a quality place to go for any kind of meal you want! Whether you are eating causal or you want to enjoy an elegant night out, anything you could want is going to be right around the corner from your home. A chic Italian restaurant option is II Pastaio which is owned by the very famous chef Giacomino Drago. Many celebrities love to hit this hot spot as well as Villa Blanca for its gourmet Mediterranean dishes.

The Vivacious Nightlife

The residents who enjoy a more vivacious nightlife enjoy the classic lounges and bustling bars. For example, the SIXTY Beverly Hills Hotel has a rooftop pool and bar that is extremely exclusive. The credentials to get in require you to be not only a guest at the hotel, but also a VIP or member. The elite residents of Hollywood mostly converge at the Writer’s Bar which is the lounge located in Riffles L’Ermitage Hotel Confidential.

Beverly Park

The foundation broke on this beautiful spot in the year 1990. This plot of land was originally supposed to be used for a golf course, but the world’s wealthiest people wanted to build magnificent houses on this land instead so it became one of the most prestigious gated communities to date. This area is located in a high canyon above Beverly Hills and it’s divided into two separate areas: North Beverly Park and South Beverly Park. Additionally, it’s near the Santa Monica Mountains summit which provides an amazing view for all residents and easy accessibility to the cities on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Important Real EstateInformation Beverly Park

There is an extreme levelof privacy associated with this specific area given this is a gated community thatsupports a 24-hour guard service. In addition, the lot size is incredible especially compared to other citiesin Los Angeles. The multi-million dollar estates located in this area include many homes that are about40,000 to 50,000 square feet. It is quite difficult for other guests who are not residents of Beverly Park togain access to your front lawn. Any guest trying to visit your home has to go through a few different levels of security first.Similar to Beverly Hills, the architecture that makes up this area completely varies in style and shape. There are more modern Spanish pieces as well as the French Provincial homes.The upkeep on every single common area is magnificent. Although this is true, many residents still incorporate additional water featuresand landscapes to their individual property to make it a little more unique.

The Lifestyle Beverly Park

Given this specific area has higher levels of security than other neighborhoods like Holmby Hills, many CEOs and sports icons live here. Moreover, famous entertainers and wealthy homebuyers tend to find their perfect manors in this Southern California spot. Some of the past and current residents include KelseyGrammar, Eddie Murphy, Adrienne Maloof, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson,Magic Johnson, and so many more! You will feel part of history by choosing to live in this private neighborhood.

Trousdale Estates

This is easily one of the most popular places to live in the entire world. The fantastic locations and amazing views experienced by all residents is second to none! This neighborhood was developed by the Trousdale family and is positioned in the heart of Beverly Hills. The land is north of the Beverly Hills Flats and Sunset Boulevard. Moreover, it is located right to the west of the Bird Streets that are sited in West Hollywood. The Trousdale Estates started out as 425 acres to what is now a mere parcel of luxurious land. Most of the homes that are located in this neighborhood were built in the 1960s while the most modern architects of the time influenced the historical yet creative flare. Some of these artists included Wallace Neff, Richard Neutra, and A. Quincy Jones.

Important Real Estate Information (Trousdale Estates)

Given these homes were built about 60 years ago during the 1960’s, some of them go through different renovations at various times throughout the year. These renovations occur to make sure Trousdale Estates maintains high quality levels of cultural design for all the residents living in the neighborhood. Whenever a home goes up for sale in this neighborhood, you can instantly expect to have amazing jetliner views that display all of downtown Los Angeles. This view not only shows gorgeous downtown, but it also expands to the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island which is miles away across the horizon. The high levels of luxury associated with this spot causes the median price per square foot to reach about $1,150.

Residents of Trousdale Estates experience easy accessibility to the most luxurious stores and the highest rated restaurants. Fortunately, these residents don’t have to worry about being bothered with the noise created by the hustle and bustle of the families in West Hollywood. Speaking of families, this area is great for families given they have access to the Beverly Hills schools and the neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful.

The Lifestyle (Trousdale Estates)

This area was first built up in the 1960’s so a lot of Beverly Hills history stems directly from this area. Additionally, the historic Greystone Mansion is also located in this neighborhood. Although this Trousdale estate was built in 1928 by a family leading the oil industry at the time, many new celebrities still enjoy living in this magnificent home. Additionally, this home has been the set for various feature films such as The Social Network, Entourage, The Muppets Movie, etc. After being given the name the Doheny Mansion, this beautiful lot also carries the title of the public park.

Some residents find this architecture so captivating that they want to use the land as a backdrop for their wedding or other special events. Like the other neighborhoods near the Beverly Hills, this area provides families with access to the schools in Beverly Hills as well as the services and amenities provided by the city. Moreover, it’s also an extremely short drive to get to the Platinum Triangle of Beverly Hills where residents will find the highest quality shopping experiences with the complement of incredible restaurants as well!