Similar to Holmby Hills, Brentwood is one of the quieter residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Although this specific area is quieter and calmer, it is very close to the best entertainment and beaches in the world. Brentwood is truly surrounded on all sides by some of the most amazing cities in Los Angeles. These include Santa Monica, Bel Air, and the Pacific Palisades. Beverly Hills, being extremely famous for its large variety of entertainment options, is only located a few short minutes from the Brentwood neighborhood.
Also, there are various streets that are commonly used for travel located very close to this area as well. These include Wilshire Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and San Vicente. All of these roads allow Brentwood residents to have a straight shot to the west side of Los Angeles where they can explore the high-end shopping that many people living in that area already enjoy. The commute from Brentwood is quite easy for most families given the San Diego Freeway is extremely close. Although this is true, many families don’t find much needs to make frequent commutes from this area due to its calm and peaceful nature.
The serene nature of this neighborhood makes it a great place to raise a family. The schools within this area are fantastic and greatly support the education of your little ones. Most of the top ranked schools in Los Angeles County are located within close proximity of the Brentwood neighborhood. In the heart of Brentwood are the Archer School for Girls and Brentwood School. There are other top schools located in this area as well that are considered to be the more exclusive elementary and private schools. These schools include Marlborough and Harvard-Westlake, Curtis School, and John Thomas Dye School.

Important Real Estate Information

The amazing architecture and taste displayed by the estates in Brentwood are astounding. There is wide variety of different architectural flavors from the more modern look to the historical chic. All Brentwood residents enjoy a high-quality lifestyle as well as the luxury of living in a neighborhood where the landscape is regularly groomed. The aesthetically pleasing aspects of Brentwood alone are enough to make anyone want to live in this neighborhood.

For a typical Brentwood home, the average cost of living is about $834 per square foot. This is an increase of about 29% from previous years. Along with this value, the median sale prices have also increased for Brentwood estates to about $1,800,000.

The Climate

A lot of the weather produced in Brentwood is greatly influenced by the marine breezes that come off the water in the Pacific Ocean. The residents of the beautiful area are no strangers to seeing the layer of clouds that cover the sky some mornings. These clouds are usually brought in during the night and they go away by the middle of the morning so if you like to sleep in, you may not catch a glimpse of this “marine layer”. The early morning cloud cover does not change the fact that this area has beautiful weather all year round.

The Lifestyle

The Brentwood neighborhood is a great place for families to live given the close proximity of the school systems as well as the security supported by the area. There are also plenty of different dining options and luxurious stores for those who like to go on limitless shopping sprees. All of these areas are located only minutes away from the Brentwood real estate.

In the most recent United States census, Brentwood houses about 62,000 residents on the 14.81 square-mile plot of land. This population is on a continues upward trend given the census from 10 years ago shows that the current population has increased by over 50%. The actual residents used to be of an older age, but this trend has also shifted over the years. Now, many more young families are residents of Brentwood. These families are also more likely than not to have children that attend the local schools. There are still plenty of high-end, single executives who reside in these areas. About 51% of the residents live in multifamily residences while the other 49% live-in single-family homes.

Many different celebrities became quickly attracted to the great opportunities that were associated with this wonderful neighborhood. Some of these celebrities include Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, Steven Spielberg, and John Travolta. The two police jurisdictions that are associated with this area also provide an extra feeling of safety to all the residents. The West Valley and West Los Angeles precincts work hard to protect the residents from any unforeseen hazards that may arise.

Overall, the scenery and culture in Brentwood is stunning. Many people enjoy the healthy living lifestyles and they are very active. It will be hard for you to find a more wholesome place compared to the active culture contained in Brentwood. Not to mention your neighbors will most likely be one of the three: upscale executives, celebrities, or movie stars.

Major Attractions

There are some great attractions located in Brentwood such as the Brentwood Country Club. Within this larger, more exclusive club is a golf course and a tennis club. This Brentwood Country Club is also called the Sunset Field Golf Club. Dating back to the 1932 Summer Olympics, the Brentwood Country Club hosted the running portion of the extensive pentathlon event. There are also various different clubs that are located at the beach near Brentwood. Some of the names of these popular hot spots are the Beach Club, Jonathan Club, and the Hillcrest Country Club.

Some other fun attractions that the family will enjoy are the Barrington Recreation Center and the Getty Center. These are both utilized to support the solid foundations of a family-friendly community. The Barrington Recreation Center is a family favorite because it has an indoor gymnasium. This gymnasium is also able to transform into a small auditorium that can fit upwards of 250 people. The lighted baseball diamond outdoors is a great place to take the family. Also, this center includes lighted indoor and outdoor basketball courts, an unlighted baseball diamond, picnic tables, a children’s play area, and lighted tennis courts.

The Brentwood Community Council just recently received a $1.1M grant to provide upgrades to the facility. Additionally, the Barrington Dog Park is considered part of the Barrington Veterans Park and its located right across the street.

Additionally, guests are most than welcome to visit this amazing area. Many guests are housed in the high-end hotels located near Brentwood. Hotel Angeleno and the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel both support a solid 4-star rating. They provide an amazing experience for anyone who wants to enjoy a tremendous visit to the Brentwood area. Additionally, the museum that’s just around the corner is a great spot to browse for all types of visitors.

Restaurants and the Nightlife

Whether you are a resident or just visiting, there are plenty of amazing restaurants that must be explored and enjoyed. The Brentwood Country Mart hosts a large variety of different restaurants for its residents. These include the casual eats as well as nice fine dining. The Pecorino Restaurant is also a well renowned favorite for many of the locals here. The upscale Italian cuisine displays high-quality food as well as great scenery. Customers can enjoy their meal while being enclosed in a comfortable, brick venue.

Last but not least is the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge. This lovely area sets a very romantic scene. This restaurant is great for couples who want an intimate night out on the town. The combination of the low lights and the black leather booths make this the perfect date night spot. Although this hot spot is externally quite fancy, the more modern American cuisine served there brings the place back down to Earth.

The Brentwood Country Mart is one of the main shopping locations for residents along with the Brentwood village. These shopping areas of always full of life and culture. The magnificent combination of historic and modern architecture you’ll find as you’re walking from building to building will amaze you.

As far as the nightlife goes, the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge is a great place to go for a late-night meal. Also, Santa Monica is only about 10 minutes away from Brentwood. It houses a large variety of different rooftop bars and lounges that are sure to suit every lover of the night.