Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills is located in Calabasas. This gated community has many different estates and luxury homes to choose from for anyone who is considering living in this area of Los Angeles County. To provide some reference, this area is right next to Calabasas in the west portion of San Fernando Valley. Many famous celebrities and actors have called Hidden Hills their home for a long time. This area is very private and offers a lot of security to the residents who choose to live there. Also, most of the homes located in this area are considered to be mansions given many of the local celebrities decide to build upon their homes in Hidden Hills.
Hidden Hills was original designed in the 1950s by A.E. Hanson. He was an American landscape architect and real estate developer who knew Southern California as his home for quite some time. His earlier projects were that of Palos Verdes Estates and Rolling Hills. During the 1920s, he designed the Beverly Hills Harold Lloyd Estate Greenacres. This is also a gated residential community that has an area of about 1.7 square miles. Amazingly, that square mileage is all land.
This gated community is considered to be one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in California. The nature reserve and greenbelt of the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve are all located right to the north of Hidden Hills. The Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve is an amazing park with plenty of fun activities that the entire family can enjoy. The most popular activities are hiking, mountain biking, and some other equestrian trails as well. On the opposite side of Hidden Hills are more historic landmarks. To the South is the pioneer Leonis Adobe National Historic Landmark. This is contained within Old Town Calabasas and it has wonderful gardens for you to explore. Additionally, the historical museum is a great place for you to learn more about the amazing history in this area.
What is now known as U.S. Route 101, used to be called El Camino Real. This route was well known during the Mexican Alta California and Spanish Las Californias eras.

Important Real Estate Information

Hidden Hills is currently home to about 2,000 residents.

The Lifestyle

This is a very friendly community that places a lot of focus and value on community events. Some of the most popular events held here are the annual parades, carnivals, welcome wagon, various parties, and weekly barbeques for the community that last throughout all the summer months. Many of the residents here enjoy the rural feel that is associated with this area. Also, the residents of Hidden Hills are more likely to have moderate political views.

Within the entire state of California, there are about 40 million people.  Although this is true, Hidden Hills is still an extremely unique place to live. If you’ve had the privilege of seeing Hidden Hills in person before, you would understand why this community is still considered unique amongst the other wonderful places to live in Los Angeles County.

This beautiful area of Southern California truly immerses itself in historic traditions. Within this peaceful neighborhood, you will see many different sites throughout the day. If you are not a long term resident, they may even catch you by surprise. The cars know to drive slowly and you’ll see them pull off to the side when someone on horseback is riding by. Also, there are always children propping up their lemonade stands on the streets corners for the people walking past. Unlike some other communities you may have experience with, the passersby actually stop to purchase some of this ice-cold lemonade. Even if there are no lemonade stands, the neighbors in this community go out of their way to stay connected with each other on a daily basis. This type of personable connection is hard to find anywhere other than Hidden Hills.

When A.E. Hanson founded Hidden Hills, he made sure to establish a solid framework of governance to help the generational leaders take care of the community. His free-flowing vision of the past has allowed the community leaders of the present to get the “Hidden Hills Feeling” alive throughout all of the residents of this tranquil neighborhood. One of the most prominent organizations in Hidden Hills is the Architectural Committee. This subcommittee has its own range of powers and authorities that allow for a more well balanced leadership. Most other Community Associates contain an all-powerful Board of Directors that make most if not all the decisions for the entire community. Usually, these areas require the Architectural Committee as well as the other committees to report to it. This means they must serve under the complete discretion of this board. Fortunately, Hidden Hills operates under different rules.

When new residents decide to live in the amazing Hidden Hills community, they know that any new additions they want to add to their lot will be solely evaluated by the Architectural Committee. This allows residents to know exactly where they can place new buildings on their plot of land as well as what color they can paint their house.

Overall, the Association will hire paid consultants to make sure that any new additions are following the normal Standards. That being said, the Architectural Committee has the authority to make aesthetically pleasing decisions for new renovations to make sure they stay in line with the already magnificent look of the neighborhood. These criteria are not necessarily defined by any specific instructions or rule book. The final decision is placed on the shoulders of the leaders within the committee to do what is best for the committee. This sharing of leadership roles is a key reason why this community has maintained its prestigious standing for such a long time.

Major Attractions

There are plenty of major attractions within the community of Hidden Hills itself so the residents do not have to even step outside the gates to enjoy a day out of the house. Some of the most popular community events are listed below.

Saddle Creek Arena

Ever since Hidden Hills was created, horse shows and polo games have been held in these vacant areas. After the planning of the new addition, about 4 acres were used to create an official arena at the end of Saddle Creek Road. Calabasas Saddlery is the local feed store here and it recently changed ownership. This resulted in about 24 Hidden Hills residents coming together to move the portable pipe fencing from its original location to what soon became the first equestrian facility in all of Hidden Hills. There is a tribute to these residents still standing in the gymkhana arena today. This arena was added first and then the round pen and dressage arenas were added later on.
This location has an enclosed 300 x 120 Team Penning/Gymkhana Arena and a standard size (66 x 198) Dressage Arena. These two areas also come with picnic tables, a water trough, a drinking fountain, and hitching posts.

Community Center

The community center is open for 15 hours a day to allow residents to acquaint themselves with each other. The outdoor facilities are commonly used by residents who want to through functions that are open to the entire community. Additionally, Hidden Hills respects all employees of their neighborhood. They understand that these employees help make all functions and get togethers run smoothly. Everyone is embraced with open arms at Hidden Hills.


Hidden Hills hosts weekly barbeques for all residents. They support this given it’s a great way for everyone in the community to stay connected. The barbeque is fueled by natural gas and is a great centerpiece for all those who like to enjoy a nice backyard barbeque every once in a while.

Tennis Courts

Hidden Hills has both Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts readily available for any resident to use.

The Theatre

The theatre houses about 99 spectators per function that is thrown for the community. They have many different events sprinkled throughout the calendar year and they pay special attention to their seniors. They have senior events every once in a while, such as dinner and a magic comedy show.

School Systems

This location has great school systems for families with children. The Round Meadow Elementary School is also easily accessible to the public and is located right outside one of the three gates to Hidden Hills. All of the public-school districts within the Hidden Hills community have received extremely high ratings. Some of these school districts include Las Virgenes Unified School District, Oak Park Unified School District, Futures Academy – Pasadena, and Los Angeles Unified School District.
Within these districts are some of the best public schools in all of California including WISH Community School, BASIS Independent Fremont, Larchmont Charter School, Round Meadow Elementary School, Renaissance Arts Academy, and Mariposa School of Global Education. In addition, Hidden Hills supports an amazing summer camp for the local children in the community. This includes children’s theatre programs as well.