Los Angeles

When looking at the entire West Coast, Los Angeles is considered the largest city. It is also the second-largest city in the entire United States. The homes located in this amazing city are known for their extremely luxurious nature. Los Angeles has great options for every kind of homeowner. Some of these options include lofts, luxury homes, condos, and newer homes as well. There are plenty of fun activities to explore when living in this amazing city. You can hike, bike, and go to the beach whenever you’re in the mood. Also, if you more so enjoy going out at night, the nightlife here will not disappoint.

Important Real Estate Information

The cost of living here is about average in comparison to the other cities located in Los Angeles County, but quite expensive compared to other homes throughout the rest of the country. The median price for a home here is about $1,029,000. This makes the average price per square foot about $785. The condos tend to be slightly less expensive than the luxury homes that are the most expensive options in this city.
Within the United States of America, Los Angeles is the second most populated city. Many people are attracted to this location because of the amazing weather the residents get to enjoy throughout the entire year. There is always plenty of sunshine to go around. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and the residents here know all to well about the comfortable and glamourous lifestyle associated with The City of Angels. About 18.7 million Angelinos live in this area and this number continues to increase as the years go on.
Los Angeles County covers a huge amount of land which comes out to be about 4,000 square miles. Contained within Los Angeles County are about 158 cities that support 114 different neighborhoods. Even though this county covers a lot of area, there is a very small amount of land available given the post-war housing boom took up most of the property that was open at the time. The suburban expansion has just continued to grow over the years so there is no longer a large ability to expand this area because most of Los Angeles County is already developed.

The Lifestyle

You can also reasonably expect that the commute will be long here because this city is so populated and always bustling with activity. When looking for a home in this area, try to find one that is close to major forms of transportation so you can get where you need to go more quickly. Another option is to also choose a home that is close to your workplace so you don’t really have far to travel on a daily basis.

Major Attractions

There are plenty of beautiful parks to visit while you’re staying in Los Angeles. There is 16,000 acres worth of parkland in Los Angeles. This means that there are 444 different park sites currently being overseen by The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. There are 180 regional parks located here as well as wildlife sanctuaries and nature centers. This is a great place to take the entire family on a nice day out to enjoy nature and see some new, interesting sites. If you are not a huge fan of wildlife, you can spend a nice Saturday morning or afternoon playing on one of the 20 golf courses that are overseen by the county parks department. This municipal golf course system is the largest one in the world.

School Systems

City Hall is located downtown and this is where The City of Los Angeles really operates from. There are currently 90 different councils that have the sole purpose of providing advisory services for the neighborhood. All of them are trusted to complete their own, independent operations given the strong support they receive from the community. The civic representation they provide helps the community to continue to operate smoothly.
There are 1,147 different public schools directed by the Los Angeles Unified School District. In total, these public schools serve 735,000 students. This incredible number allows this district to be the largest public-school district in the state of California. Also, this is the second-largest public-school district in the entire United States of America.
Aside from just the schools for younger children, there are also plenty of top-ranked universities located here. Even if you’re not currently a resident of Los Angeles, the University of California Los Angeles is open to all. Some other top-ranked public universities in this area include Loyola Marymount University, California Institute of Technology, and the University of Southern California.

Downtown Los Angeles

This is the liveliest part of Los Angeles at any given time. Downtown Los Angeles is always bustling with many visitors new and old. Many artists and professionals from around the world live and work in this amazing area. The culture of Los Angeles lives in this downtown area given there is such a large spread of daytime and nighttime activities that can be explored here. If you are someone who loves a convenient and urban lifestyle, downtown Los Angeles is the place for you.

Important Real Estate Information

This area continues to increase in population as more people are attracted to the busy lifestyle associated with downtown Los Angeles. There are always competing developers who continue to build even more luxurious buildings to complement the history buildings that are already there. Every residential area you find there is constantly under construction given this area tends to stay modern and current with the times. All of the new renovations to the condos, luxury high-rise buildings, and lofts attract many new homebuyers every single year.
Most of residents who occupy this area live in single-family homes. These homes are usually either lofts or condos. The single-family homes are not put up for sale very often so if you’re lucky enough to spot one on the market, you might want to jump on the opportunity to get it. Many of these homes were originally built in the late 19th century.

Areas to Shop and Eat

In general, Southern California is very well known for the numerous amazing restaurants contained within the region. Fortunately, downtown Los Angeles alone is an incredible hub for award-winning restaurants, cafes, and other eateries. There are even extremely classy speakeasies located in this area that are great complements to the five-star restaurants and rooftop bars in the area. If you need somewhere to stay while you are evaluating your real estate options, there are plenty of wonderful hotels with fancy lounges for you to enjoy.
The Arts District contains plenty of casual food trucks and other cafes like Bestia that always satisfy the local appetites. Many Angelenos love to flock to this area from all over the city. Additionally, the Original Pantry Café was created in 1924 and is still standing today. It is a classic 24/7 diner where you can pay cash to pop in and grab your favorite treat during any time of the day.

The History of Downtown Los Angeles

During the year 1781, “Los Pobladores” came to this area and set up camp in what is known today as downtown Los Angeles. “Los Pobladores” was a group of 44 Mexican settlers who needed a place to stay and made this area their home. During the late 1800s, many more people began to start coming to this area so the population of downtown Los Angeles began to rapidly expand. This bustling area soon gained the title of “Wall Street of the West” after it was the regional banking center for many years. Furthermore, the mid-20th century saw a terrible period of great economic hardship for this area given more residents started to move to the suburbs. Currently, downtown Los Angeles is continuing to regain its population and popularity. There are impressive amounts of people moving to this area every single year and millions of dollars continue to pour into this area for multiple projects. The combination of the broad development initiative as well as many luxurious houses being leased has become a nice economic addition to downtown Los Angeles.

School Systems

As is with the main Los Angeles area, the public-school districts in downtown Los Angeles are operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District. This area includes public schools, public charter schools, and private schools as well. Some of the main public schools include City of Angels School, Tri-C Community Day School, Para Los Ninos Middle, Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, Metropolitan Continuation School, Green Dot Public School, and Downtown Magnets High School.
These are just to name a few of the public schools while there are also public charter schools such as Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High, Metro Charter Elementary, and PUC CALS Charter Middle & Early College High School. Additionally, there are two main private schools in the area which are St. Turibius Elementary and American University Prep.