Malibu is a 27 mile stretch of magnificent scenery that borders the Pacific Ocean. Buyers who love the combination of high-end materials with a luxurious lifestyle tend to choose Malibu as their home. Right near Malibu is the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica. Also, Ventura County is to the northwest while Calabasas is close by the north. Malibu consists of luxury real estate that is located between the beachfront area of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains. This city provides its residents with a location that is only 10 minutes away from the bustling city of Los Angeles. After residents get their fill in that vibrant city, they can come back to their homes that are located in a more relaxed and serene atmosphere.
The Chumash Native American tribe were the first people to settle in this area. There is currently an annual festival in Malibu Bluffs Park that honors the history of this incredible tribe. When they originally settled here, they named the city Humaliwo which is translated to “the surf sounds loudly”. Many of the residents who now live in Malibu have given it a nickname of their own. Surfers and other locals call this area “the Bu”.
Malibu first saw an increase in more high-end real estate when May Knight Rindge started to lease various beachfront plots of land during the early 20th century. She is the widow to Frederick Hastings Rindge who was a ranching mogul. During Hollywood’s Golden Age, she would lease these beachfront lots to many of the most famous celebrities like Gloria Swanson, Gary Cooper, and Bing Crosby. They truly enjoyed the way the real estate in Malibu is able to blend various glamorous features of both old and new Hollywood.
The more modern architectural designs are starting to become more popular in this area as the years go on and many people from the entertainment industry are specifically drawn to these styles. These contemporary luxury properties are also home to many wealthy business executives as well.

Important Real Estate Information

Most people who want to live in Malibu are attracted to the ocean side and beachfront properties given the breathtaking views they are going to see on a daily basis. All of these homes offer different architectural designs to suit any type of buyer. There are bungalow lofts, modern style homes, and also extremely classy mansions all located within the city of Malibu. There is truly something there for everyone. Point Dume and Malibu Colony are the gated communities within the area. These are attractive to those residents who appreciate a higher level of safety, security, and privacy within their home.

Within Malibu are various different subdivisions that mostly contain single-family homes for a wide range of prices. If you are in the market for a home in this amazing city, you will most likely be able to find the architectural design you love at a price you are comfortable with. Although this is true, the prices for homes in Malibu tend to be on the more expensive side.

The median price for homes in Malibu is about $3,777,824 which is much more expensive than most of the other cities in Los Angeles County. Malibu home values have gone up 13.7% over the past year.

These prices continue to rise every year as more visitors realize how amazing it is to live in such a luxurious location within Southern California.

When people visit Malibu, they begin to understand how rural and serene the area is. There is always a very relaxed surf culture that allows residents to take life a little slower so they can enjoy the present. The stunning nature that surrounds the entire city is absolutely breathtaking and continues to draw more people to this area. There is plenty to do in Malibu but if you want to leave the city, you can expect a fairly long commute to certain places. This is mostly due to the large number of tourists who like to visit the Pacific Coast Highway on the weekends.

The Culture

Malibu is one of the main tourist attractions for visitors who love to go surfing on the beach. There will be a little more traffic on the weekends than during the weekdays because this is when most tourists travel to the beach. Although this is true, the beaches are actually much less crowded than those located in Santa Monica.

The waves in Malibu are fantastic and this is why this area is known to be a hotspot for a lot of surfers. On any given day, you can find many surfers hanging out at Malibu Pier. Surfing is not the only fun pastime in Malibu. This area is a common destination for a lot of film crews because Malibu is frequently used for television and movie sets. You will likely see these film crews walking on the Pacific Coast Highway or along the beach.

Given the more luxurious nature of Malibu, many of the residents who live here are very wealthy. The high-end shopping malls are great for celebrities and regular residents alike who want to enjoy areas where the paparazzi won’t be taking over. There are also plenty of top-rated restaurants located in this area as well for shoppers to stop by when they need to grab lunch or they want to enjoy an intimate evening with their significant other.

If you are more fond of the outdoors but want to explore activities that aren’t associated with the beach, there are numerous hiking and horse-back riding trails located in Malibu. The combination of all these activities in addition to the upscale wineries is what truly makes Malibu the perfect location for any family who wants to live there.

The Nightlife

While there are plenty of activities to complete during the day, the nightlife is where Malibu truly shines. There is a magnificent cocktail menu at Moonshadows. This is a frequented favorite for all the locals who want to enjoy a night out without having to worry about driving into the city. Also, Café Habana is a bohemian space that is owned by Rande Gerber. He is a major name in the entertainment business and his wife is supermodel Cindy Crawford. This area fosters a community-oriented environment that serves amazing Mexican/Cuban food to the locals while also providing outstanding drinks.

Restaurants and Hotels

When living in Malibu, you will be able to experience the sight of an upscale restaurant on every corner. All of these restaurants also have amazing views of the ocean so you can enjoy your dinner with a breathtaking view. Nobu Malibu is a very famous restaurant with an even more famous chef. Iron Chef Nobu Matsuhisa continuously serves the locals his best Japanese delicacies. Robert DeNiro is a part owner of this restaurant and he frequently goes there to enjoy the amazing food served there every day. The Kardashians are also regular patrons of this restaurant as well.
The Malibu Beach Inn is a delightful 4-star hotel that provides visitors an amazing experience every time they visit. This boutique provides beautiful views of the ocean as well as a day spa and fireplaces that are located in each individual room of the hotel. Within this hotel is a nice restaurant that serves deliciously modern American cuisine. Not only that, but they have a terrace where many of the locals choose to enjoy their meals.
Additionally, the Villa Graziadio Executive Center is located at Pepperdine University. This is classified as a conference hotel that also has stunning views of the ocean as well as campus privileges. On campus, there is an Olympic size swimming pool and a world-class fitness center with various tennis courts for all visitors to enjoy.
When you want to enjoy a day out, there are also various boutiques located in Malibu that will complement the style of any visitor. These in-house shopping areas are also great given the locals don’t have to travel to the city every time they want to go on a shopping spree. The most common shopping locations in Malibu are Malibu Lumber Yard and Malibu Country Mart. These both provide locals everything they need to have an amazing shopping experience.
Malibu Country Mart not only provides places for the locals to buy clothes, but it also contains other amenities that people can use daily. There are various dining opportunities when you need to grab a quick bite to eat in between stores. Also, they have a wellness center where you can take yoga classes to relax and focus on the positive aspects of your future in the beautiful city of Malibu.

School Systems

There are plenty of local schools that families can use for their children. Malibu has both public and private school options. Some of the public-school options are Juan Cabrillo Elementary, Point Dume Elementary, John L. Webster Elementary, and Malibu High School. On the other hand, the private school options include Colin McEwan High School, Malibu Methodist Church Nursery School, Our Lady of Malibu, Moreau Academy, Malibu Leadership Academy, Children’s Creative Workshop, and St. Aidan’s School. All of these are great options for children to receive a nice education.