“I work only for you and your property 24/7, no weekends or holidays, to be fast and responsive. Using the most advanced marketing techniques, availability of user data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and heuristics methods, allows me to develop a unique strategy with results.”
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    Whether you’re selling your first home or your fifth, making the important decision to have the right real estate agent by your side is crucial to the success of the entire process. The gravity of this decision can’t be overlooked, given the overall positive effect of a professional real estate agent. With an experienced real estate agent, the likelihood of your home selling quickly and producing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars more exponentially increases.

    The services you will receive from Leona include the following: strategy creations, renovation or just touch up, staging, photography, 3D Videography, marketing campaign, increased internet exposure, floor-plan measurements, timing and presentation, inspections, pre-market exposure, agent/broker outreach and relationships, private showings & much more. A slight change in any of these services can truly make all the difference in the profitability of your sale. The office of Leona Estates provides you with premium, full-service treatment during each transaction. With the help of Leona and her experienced team, you will have great success selling your home and gaining more high-value profit.

    Leona Estates: My Process Makes You Profit

    I take pride in my ability to provide you with full assistance throughout the entire selling process. Many agents take the easy route of simply placing your home on the MLS as well as putting a small sign in your yard in the hopes that the right prospective buyer will come along. Fortunately, given that the process of selling a home is so complex, I take a more hands-on approach to ensuring you receive all the assistance you need from a professional real estate agent like myself. Being your real estate agent is my passion, and I truly love what I do. Making this process as easy for you as possible brings joy to my life. Whenever I take on a new job, being the perfectionist, I am, I always ensure the work is completed excellently.

    Why Should You Work With Me?

    Throughout my 12 years of working within the real estate industry in Asia, I completed numerous high-quality transactions with top-level international buyers. During this time, I acquired various talents and tools that allow me to successfully market properties that appeal to prospective buyers looking to make a new purchase. Using the most advanced marketing techniques, availability of user data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and heuristics methods allow me to develop a unique strategy with results. I am a shareholder of the biggest internet marketing company that has worked for the USA and European markets for over a decade. Through this direct insight, I’ve gained the ability to understand the overall process and technology required to create a successful marketing strategy for your specific property. By choosing me as your exclusive real estate agent, you’ll gain direct access to my creative and aggressive marketing strategies that are proven successful.

    Meet Leona

    During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to talk to me at my Los Angeles office or at the location of the property you want to sell. The initial meeting will allow us to get to know each better so you can then decide if you would like to work with me. Next, we will discuss everything involved in this process, including the pricing strategy and timeline for sale. Realistic expectations will be set for the road ahead concerning the amount of profit you can reasonably make from the sale of your property. By discussing the correct numbers upfront, we increase the chances of successfully seeing our projected results in the future.

    Additionally, this consultation lets me ask you some clarifying questions about your motivations for selling your property and what offers you’re willing to accept from prospective buyers. If we are able to plan the initial meeting in advance, given that you also provide details about the property you wish to sell, a competitive market analysis can be conducted before our first meeting. Once you decide that we’ll be a great match, we will sign the listing agreement, and our partnership will officially begin.

    NOTE: Comparative Market Analysis

    When conducting a comparative market analysis, numerous different aspects of the property must be taken into deep consideration, including:

    • Price: The current prices of other homes close by, as well as the prices at which similar homes in the same neighborhood have sold in the past 6 months.
    • Improvements: The upgrades that have been completed for the property may increase its overall market value.
    • Features: The additional features located within the house, such as a spa area, pool, etc.
    • Market: The current state of the market when considering both buyers and sellers (balanced market).
    • Location/Age: How old is the property, and where is it located? Location is key.

    Home Touch-Up and Appraisal

    During the completion of the property inspection, I will make notes about what areas of your home need small touch-ups that will be of barely any cost to you. Even the slightest upgrades have been proven to produce highly profitable results for sellers who work with me. Don’t worry about handling any of this on your own. All I need you to do is accept me as your exclusive real estate agent, and I’ll take care of the rest with my professional team.

    I have direct access to trusted contractors and vendors who are able to take control of the entire job for you to ensure everything is completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This team remains under my professional supervision while all the improvements are being completed. From inspections and floor-plan measurements to staging (virtual) and cleaning, I’m going to handle all of the necessary details for you. During this short period of cost-efficient upgrades, we’ll increase the value of your home so you can make more profit once we put it on the market.

    Prospective buyers aren’t only looking at the concrete numbers when deciding whether or not to purchase your home. They want to feel comfortable from the instant they walk through the door. With minor improvements made by my team, your home will be just what they’re looking for. Once the property is ready, a professional appraiser will complete the pre-evaluation appraisal before we list the property. This helps us during future negotiations with prospective buyers.

    Videography Session

    I utilize crisp photographs as well as 3D video walkthroughs to successfully market and campaign the incredible value of your property. International buyers occasionally purchase properties from a remote location, so for our top dollar properties, Leona Estates creates 3 to 10-minute films that truly showcase all the property offers.

    Create the Targeted Marketing Campaign

    The key elements, we must know the potential buyer portrait before creating the plan. Given that your property is unique and different from any other, we’ll create a marketing campaign that perfectly displays your home's character and feeling exuded.

    A small sampling of the powerful marketing channels I use include:
    • Unique development strategy & marketing material productions.
    • Cooperate with top auctions: 65% of the properties sold through the Auction are an area market record.
    • Foreign Investors & Waiting List Clients.
    • Open House (for expanded professional network)
    • Private Showing
    • International Agent-to-Agent Communication
    • MLS & much more

    The unique qualities contained within each property always require a different type of marketing solution. From simple to extraordinary, all of my diverse efforts will bring you good offers that successfully kickstart the negotiation process.

    Review Buyer Offers and Sign Contracts

    Together, we will discuss, clarify, review, and negotiate every purchase offer you receive to prepare multiple counter offers if needed accurately. Once we reach the best agreement for your financial needs, I will help you prepare all the necessary paperwork required to complete the transaction, including the execution of future delivery contracts to all parties involved, such as the third-party escrow, a title company, and disclosures, insurances, and the lender.

    Full-Service Escrow Representation

    We’ll create an efficient and personalized timeline for escrow during this stage of the process. I will be present at all appointments, including the inspections, upgrades, appraisals, walkthroughs, etc. You will be allowed to conduct both paper and paperless signing of your legal documents to monitor the entire escrow process from a computer or any handheld electronic device. We will make sure all the deadlines are met both on your end and the buyer’s end. The final walkthrough is conducted with the buyer and their representatives before the close is official. Once the escrow sends the money wire, I will notify you immediately when you should expect to receive your funds.

    Post-Sale: Relocation Assistance

    After we’ve successfully made your sale, I will continue to assist you with any relocation needs you may have. If you need help with storage services or a moving company, Leona Estates is able to help you with that as well, given the connection I have to trusted contractors and other business professionals. We will help you make this a stress-free, no-hassle process. All our services help you through the entire real estate transaction, from our first consultation to any post-sale assistance you may need. Our clients are truly the main focus of each partnership because, in addition to the physical home, is the emotional tie your heart has made to it. Through our diligent dedication to a positive and profitable outcome for you, Leona ensures you are well taken care of every step of the way.


    The office of Leona Estates has the ability to give you advice on how to sell your home under the best possible market conditions. After an extensive evaluation of your goals, Leona always does the following:

    • Research Sellers Property Tax Information
    • Complete Research On Comparable Sold Properties Within the Area
    • Disclose the Average Days the Home Should Stay On the Market Due to Fluctuations
    • Meet With Sellers At Their Home To Gather Relevant Market Information
    • Advise the Sellers About What Repairs and Upgrades Their Homes Should Receive
    • Discuss Seller’s Goals In Comparison To Market Conditions
    • Share the Value Proposition
    • Explain the Buyer Pre-Screening Process
    • Get Disclosures and Listing Agreements Signed
    • Provide the Sellers Disclosure Form
    • Obtain Information About the Current Mortgage Loan
    • Confirm the Lot Size Disclosed In the County Records
    • Investigate Unrecorded Property Easements
    • Agree on Showing Times
    • Explain the Typical Appraisal Process and How To Avoid the Usual Pitfalls
    • Verify Fees Posed By the Home Owners Association and Obtain a Copy of the Bylaws
    • Gather the Transferrable Warranties
    • Determine the Needed Property Inclusions and Exclusions
    • Schedule House Cleaners and Prepare the Home For the Professional Photoshoot
    • Input Property Listing Into the MLS After Seller’s Approval
    • Help the Owners Coordinate All Property Showings and Gather Feedback After Each
    • Obtain Pre-Approval Letter from the Buyer’s Agent
    • Examine & Verify Buyer’s Qualifications and Lender
    • Successfully Negotiate All Offers
    • Once the Home Is Under Contract, Send the Contract To the Title Company
    • Ensure the Buyer’s Agent Has Received Copies Of All Relevant Legal Documents
    • Deliver Copies of the Contract/Addendum To the Seller
    • Coordinate Inspections With the Sellers
    • Explain the Buyer’s Inspection Objections To the Sellers
    • Determine the Seller’s Inspections Resolution and Get Repair Agreements In Writing
    • Utilize Our Trustworthy Contractors For the Seller’s Repairs
    • Meet the Appraiser At the Property and Discuss Any Unsatisfactory Appraisals
    • Coordinate Closing Times & Location
    • Verify the Title Company Has All the Necessary Legal Documents
    • Resolve Any Final Issues Before Closing and Discuss Closing Figures With the Seller
    • Confirm All the Repairs Were Made and Resolve Any Last Minute Issues
    • Attend the Seller’s Closing and Change the Home’s MLS Status To “Sold”
    • Officially Close Out the Seller’s File With the Brokerage

    For further information regarding the step-by-step process for selling your home and “First Buyers Impression,” please visit our web pages Seller’s Guide and Curb Appeal List


    Thank you so much for taking a moment to browse through my page. My team and I are extremely eager to meet you and the loved ones you refer to our incredible services. We are excited to serve and satisfy your property selling needs.