Pacific Palisades

This area is right above the Pacific Ocean. It sits on the more risen portion of the Santa Monica Mountains. Given it’s beautiful position, many people love to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views as well as the incredible scenery of the magnificent water in the Pacific Ocean. The nice, cool ocean breezes are a wonderful addition to the wonderful landscape that’s associated with this area. Once the sun begins to set, the views of the entire terrain are absolutely stunning.
Additionally, the Pacific Palisades are in a great location given their proximity to some of the most desirable mountain trails, parks, and beaches within the area. Like Calabasas, this city is known to be a more quiet and serene get away from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced cities like Los Angeles.

Important Real Estate Information

Much like other location in Los Angeles County, you can find a nice variety of living choices when you decide to move to Pacific Palisades. Some of your options include condominiums, gated homes, and a large variety of luxury homes. Compared to the other cities within this area, Pacific Palisades has homes that are on the more expensive side of the market. The median home price here is about $5,395,000. This amounts to a $1,472,98 median sale price per square foot. Pacific Palisades home values have gone up 10.1% over the past year.

Within the Pacific Palisades, there are about 25,500 residents. The entire Pacific Palisades community is about 22.84 square miles of beautiful land. The only zip code really associated with this area is 90272. On the southeast portion of Pacific Palisades is Santa Monica while Malibu and Topanga are to the west. Many residents move here because they love to see the green. There are plenty of open green areas around the city as well as beaches and parks that are very close by. Also, the local specialty shops and boutiques are hard for residents to pass up when they are going on their weekly shopping excursions.

Neighborhood Options in Pacific Palisades

When looking for a place to live in the Pacific Palisades, there are a nice variety of neighborhood options for you to choose from.

El Medio Mesa

There is an extreme levelof privacy associated with this specific area given this is a gated community that supports a 24-hour guard service. In addition, the lot size is incredible especially compared to other cities in Los Angeles. The multi-million dollar estates located in this area include many homes that are about40,000 to 50,000 square feet. It is quite difficult for other guests who are not residents of Beverly Park to gain access to your front lawn. Any guest trying to visit your home has to go through a few different levels of security first.Similar to Beverly Hills, the architecture that makes up this area completely varies in style and shape. There are more modern Spanish pieces as well as the French Provincial homes.The upkeep on every single common area is magnificent. Although this is true, many residents still incorporate additional water features and landscapes to their individual property to make it a little more unique.
This neighborhood is located in the south portion of Sunset Boulevard. It stretches along Temescal Canyon while beginning only about a quarter of a mile west of The Village. Palisades Charter High School is closest to this neighborhood so if you have teenage children, this would be a great area for you to consider. Also, El Medio Mesa continues to stretch through Temescal Canyon and ends where Sunset Boulevard meets up with the Pacific Coast Highway.

Marquez Knolls

Marquez Knolls is considered to be one of the larger neighborhoods within this area. These homes are located to the north of Sunset Boulevard which also begins about a quarter of a mile west of The Village, similar to El Medio Mesa but on the opposite side. This neighborhood sites on the upslope portion of the Santa Monica mountains so it’s very well known for the amazing ocean views that can be seen from any house window. Additionally, Sunset Boulevard and Marquez Street contain a small, unique shopping center for residents of this neighborhood to enjoy.
Interestingly, there are two different upslopes associated with this area. In the early 1950’s and mid-1960s, the Earl Lachman family completed development on the lower upslope.

The Alphabet Streets

The Alphabet Streets are also frequently called “The North Village” given this neighborhood borders the actual Village in the northern area of Sunset Boulevard. The term “alphabet” stems from the fact that the streets are consecutively named as are the letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, etc.). These streets are named after the Methodist Bishops who lived there during the late 19th and early 20th century. The creation of this neighborhood is what began the development of the Pacific Palisades. Members of the Methodist movement built the Alphabet Streets in 1921.
Within this neighborhood are the smallest lot sizes out of all the neighborhoods within the Pacific Palisades. The lot sizes range from 5,200 to 7,500 square feet. A big attracting factor for most residents of this neighborhood is the fact that it is so close to The Village. Residents of the Alphabet Streets can just walk around the corner to enjoy a day in The Village near the bustling downtown area. The narrow streets are comprised of many single-family homes.

The Village

This amazing city has a lively downtown area where many people walk around to enjoy this small business district that is located at the center of Sunset Boulevard. There are numerous Italian restaurants located here and many residents love to frequent the Palisades Village. This is the most commonly visited shopping center in The Village that opened in 2018. The original creation of this shopping center replaced some of the buildings that had been standing in the downtown area.
Between Antioch and Sunset is the historic Business Block building which is where the original concept of this “small business district” came from. The Village also supports weekly farmers’ markets, local cafes, local events, chain coffee shops (Starbucks), and many other small boutiques that the locals love.

The Climate

The Mediterranean climate here allows the temperatures in Pacific Palisades to regularly stay below but occasionally exceed 90oF. The generally colder sea temperatures give this city a cooler feel that residents love. Also, the average yearly precipitation is about 14.83 inches. This is just enough to keep the grass green, but not enough to make the climate shift to a semi-arid classification.

The Lifestyle

The community is very close given the events and activities that bring the residents there together. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about trying to just find the average chain place to grab a meal. Pacific Palisades has plenty of local restaurants and cafes for all new visitors and residents to enjoy when they’re having a nice day out on the town. Many celebrities choose to live here aside from the more well-known cities in Southern Californica because it isn’t really an area where a lot of tourist frequently visit. The cost of living is a bit more expensive, but the residents enjoy the privacy and secluded feeling of they get from residing in the Pacific Palisades.

Major Attractions

As the Pacific Palisades are located right along the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of different beaches and outdoor activities for residents to explore whenever they want. In addition to these amazing attractions, the Pacific Palisades is home to some equally incredible parks that qualify as a great day out on the town for many families. All of the parks within the Pacific Palisades are operated by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

Palisades Park

This amazing park sits on 117 acres of land which makes it the largest park within the Pacific Palisades. The Palisades Recreation Center is also located on the park grounds and it contains barbeque pits, lighted basketball courts, four separate baseball diamonds, a football field, a children’s play area, picnic tables, an indoor gymnasium, lighted volleyball courts, and lighted tennis courts. This area has everything that you may need to enjoy a nice sunny Saturday out with your family.
Also, there are plenty of indoor amenities that are conducive to a large neighborhood. The Palisades Recreation Center has a state, television area, kitchen, and scheduled athletic events for the community to enjoy. Some of the activities that take place here are not just for athletes so that even truly feels welcome to enjoy time at this neighborhood center.

Rustic Canyon Park

This incredible park is located on Rustic Canyon Road. Additionally, there is also a Rustic Canyon pool that is located on Latimer Road which isn’t very far away. This is a great place to hang out with your friends and family on a hot summer day.
The Rustic Canyon Recreation Center is located on the same plot as Rustic Canyon Park. This center is able to hold upwards of 150 people at a time for various indoor activities. It contains a volleyball court, auditorium, and a gymnasium as well. Just like the Palisades Recreation Center, this neighborhood center has enough barbeque pits and other outside amenities for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

School Systems

Pacific Palisades is an amazing place to settle down and raise a family. Most of the people located in this area are really nice so you can be confident that your neighbors are going to kind and caring people. There are plenty of amazing schools where children can attend to receive a great education. Some of the most popular public schools include Keys School, Renaissance Arts Academy, KIPP Iluminar Academy, KIPP Raices Academy, King/Drew Medical Magnet High School, Topanga Elementary Charter School, Palisades Charter Elementary, Marquez Charter, and KIPP Academy of Innovation. These are just to name a few of the many amazing options residents of the Pacific Palisades have to ensure their children have a great place to go to school.