Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip is known to be an extremely iconic city in Los Angeles. Here you will find a large selection of luxurious homes that provide all residents with a fantastic view of the Los Angeles skyline. This area was featured in movies like Almost Famous, Rock of Ages, and Sunset Boulevard as well.
Sunset Strip runs all the way through West Hollywood and it’s bordered by Hollywood on the east and Beverly Hills on the west. This is the most famous stretch of Sunset Boulevard. Residents of this city will never get bored given the variety of numerous activities for everyone to explore during the day and night. Sunset Strip Boulevard has many top-rated hotels as well as other restaurants, nightclubs, and music venues.
Many people who live in Sunset Strip were originally attracted to the outstanding views of the Los Angeles Basin as well as the decent number of celebrities who choose to live in this area. These scenic views extend all the way from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean so the residents can enjoy breathtaking views of both the land and sea that encapsulate this magnificent area.

Important Real Estate Information

Compared to other neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, Sunset Strip places more expensive homes on the market. Most of the houses that are located in this neighborhood are luxury homes, single-family homes, and other expensive estates. These are very attractive options for many celebrities that chose to live in this area. The median home price in this area is $3,497,000 while the average price per square foot is $1,403.91.

Also, there is a small selection of condos that are located in this area as well and they are positioned slightly closer to Sunset Boulevard. As the renovations continue to occur in Sunset Strip, more condos are scheduled to be built in this area to attract a broader range of people who are in the market for a home but are more acquainted with the style of condos.

As the years go on, more people are wanting to live in Sunset Strip so the current demand for more houses to be built in this area is high. There are numerous developers who would like to take their shot at creating a home that fits well with the aesthetic of Sunset Strip.

There is a large variety of different styled homes located in Sunset Strip. Some of these architectural designs include Craftsman, Modern, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Spanish, Ranch, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern, and Cape Cod. All of these options provide a great variety for potential buyers given they feel more freedom when choosing the perfect home. The people who buy homes in Sunset Strip are known to be more wealth and high-class individuals.

This neighborhood is located in the Hollywood Hills and the city has amazing view of the canyons in Los Angeles. The winding streets that flow through Sunset Strip are quite narrow, but they contain enormous homes with added amenities that truly make each one unique. Some of them contain backyard pools while others have the most grandiose decks for entertaining their multitude of guests on any given day.

The Lifestyle

This area is a hotspot for many people to explore the day and nighttime activities the city has to offer. Most of the real estate is located to the north of Sunset Strip which is right on the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. If you are someone who likes to be right in the middle of the bustle associated with Los Angeles, then this is the perfect place for you. The trendiest celebrities tend to choose Sunset Strip.

Whisky a Go Go, the Viper Room, and The Roxy Theater are all located in Sunset Strip. These legendary venues add even more quality and historic prestige to this sought-after area of West Hollywood. Among each crowd of new visitors tends to be a musician of some sort who loves the amazing musical history that is contained within Sunset Strip.

The nightlife here is also incredible given the city truly never sleeps. There are plenty of high-end shops that consistently attract new visitors from all around the world. Additionally, the Sunset Plaza is an amazing place to eat in Los Angeles given this is an extremely popular dining location for some of the most famous celebrities who call Sunset Strip their home. It doesn’t just stop there. Sunset Strip also contains many upscaled hotels for people who want to pop into the city just to visit and enjoy the spas that are located in these areas as well.

Some of the more exclusive options like Skybar at Mondrian and Tower Bar at Sunset Tower Hotel are great places for celebrities to enjoy a nice drink at an upscale location within Sunset Strip. This can be the perfect place to go out for drinks after work or to enjoy a nice bite to eat in between business meetings.

The Culture

The television series, 77 Sunset Strip, aired from 1958 to 1964. This series was set on Sunset Strip and was filmed between Alta Loma Road and La Cienega Boulevard. Dan Raven, which was a popular crime drama in 1960 that starred Skip Homeier, was also set on Sunset Strip. There were several other celebrities that played various roles in this TV show such as Marty Ingels, Paul Anka, and Bobby Darin. Various other famous movies and televisions shows were filmed in this iconic area of West Hollywood.

Major Attractions

The most significant areas of Sunset Strip attract many new visitors due to the vibrant and lively atmosphere they create. Some of the most frequented places are listed below.

Whisky a Go Go

This nightclub is located in West Hollywood, California. More specifically, the address is 8901 Sunset Boulevard which is located on Sunset Strip. This club is an iconic area where many bands were able to launch their platforms and make a name for themselves. This includes Alice Cooper, The Doors, The Stooges, No Doubt, The Byrds, Golden Earring, and the list goes on.
Today, Whisky a Go Go hosts live musical performances on the Sunset Strip. This area has always provided a major contribution to the rock and roll scene in Los Angeles. Some of the most famous rock musicians who performed there are Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin.

Roxy Theater

This is another nightclub that’s located on the Sunset Strip. This location in West Hollywood has continuously been an amazing stage for various musicians ever since 1973. Additionally, this venue also hosts actors and other comedians who are just starting out or who have been in the business for a while. Throughout the first few years of the Roxy Theater, most of the live acts it hosted consisted of emerging actors and comedians who hadn’t quite made it big just yet. Some of the comedians who were still trying to rise up the ranks at the time were David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Arsenio Hall.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, produced by Lou Adler, displayed its first American run at the Roxy Theater in 1974. This is what sparked the love for this musical to eventually transcend across the nation. Then, Paul Reubens made his first appearance at the Roxy Theater in 1981. Eventually, this Pee Wee Herman Show continued to run for 3 nights in a row which opened the possibility for the now successful show Pee Wee’s Playhouse to be created.

Rainbow Bar and Grill

This is the perfect combination of a restaurant, bar and a grocery store located on Sunset Strip. The bottom portion of this building is the restaurant while the exclusive club called “Over the Rainbow” is positioned upstairs. This club has a full bar, a DJ booth, and an iconic dance floor of course. This restaurant is actually located right next to the Roxy Theatre as well as Billboard Live, 1 OAK, and The Key Club.
Rainbow Bar and Grill was originally founded in 1972 when two gentlemen from the same PR firm came together with a vision. Bob Gibson and Gary Stromberg eventually brough in co-owners Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri, Elmer Valentine, and a few other people to help them turn their vision into a reality. This hotspot officially opened with a party for Elton John on April 16th, 1972. During this time, the vision of the Rainbow Bar and Grill was to signify peace and freedom for everyone. Soon after the opening, many celebrities and other famous actors began to frequently go here for a fun night out with friends.

School Systems

Although this area is very well known for the high-class residents who choose to live here, there are also plenty of incredible schools for families who have children. Some of these schools include Manzanita School, Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Ascension Lutheran School, Faith Baptist Schools, North Valley Christian School, Stratford School – West Los Angeles, Futures Academy, and TIME Community Schools. Any parent will be able to find a great schooling option for their children to enjoy.