Wilshire Corridor

Wilshire Corridor is perfect for those residents who are looking for luxury condos. There are over two-dozen high-rise condominium buildings located in this area and the location has its own interesting twist. The Wilshire Corridor condos all have Los Angeles zip codes, but they are extremely close to Beverly Hills so they are often considered a part of this city’s real estate. Moreover, these condos are associated with Beverly Hills because they provide a high-level of luxurious amenities in each building.
Other very famous Los Angeles cities such as Santa Monica Boulevard, the 405 San Diego Freeway, and Sunset Boulevard are only 5 minutes away from any Wilshire Corridor condo you could choose to live in. You won’t have to worry about a strenuous commute to downtown Los Angeles given this close proximity. There are many major businesses and studios located downtown, so you will have easy access to these locations on the west-side. Every single high-rise located in this area have their own specific style and history attached to them. No matter which one you chose to live in, it’s distinctive features will set it apart from all the rest.

Important Real Estate Information About the Condos

A new addition to the high-rise buildings is called “The Californian” and it’s located in Wilshire Corridors (10800 Wilshire Boulevard). It was originally built in 2005 as a 24-story building with 80 different units. Each individual unit starts out at about $2 million given their spectacularly unique nature. The Californian does great justice to the Beverly Hills name by providing its residents with extremely luxurious amenities such as a full-time concierge service, the Grand Salon, a pool, valet parking, a Wine Cellar, and much more. In addition, if you are an exercise or business-oriented person, then the exercise room and the business center will be great places for you to spend your days.

The more modern look that’s supported by the Californian attracts many residents young and old. Moreover, the Beverly West was officially built in 2009 as the newest building within the entire Wilshire Corridor. The building is 22 stories tall with 35 different units. Each unit is extremely spacious and some of these amenities are similar to those of “The Californian” such as a fulltime concierge service, valet parking, a pool, library, and maid’s quarters. There is also a wine cellar and exercise room located here. The Blair House is an older addition that was built in 1989. These 28 stories, high-rise building is located at 10490 Wilshire Boulevard and contains 128 different units. Most of the amenities are similar to the other buildings aside from the addition of the Tennis Court, Sauna, and other Banquet Facilities.

Another highlighted condo is the Remington. This is truly located at the heart of Westwood only about a minute away from the Westwood Village. The Westwood Village is a beautiful and luxurious area where you can find the most amazing stores and high-end shops. Located at 10727 Wilshire, this 24-story building has 93 incredible units with the typical luxurious amenities you would expect from such an amazing area.

The Lifestyle

Although these are condominiums, you can enjoy this area if you are part of a family or just a bachelor that is living by yourself. Among the condominiums are also great apartments that may suit families a little bit better. Being home to both apartments and condos allows Wilshire Boulevard to be a hot spot for those residents who want to be close to the amazingly cultural shopping amenities located in the west. This includes West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and of course Beverly Hills. Although some of the other areas in Los Angeles County will require an I-405 commute, you shouldn’t expect to need to use your vehicle to enjoy the more local amenities this area has to offer.

One of these amazing local amenities that you can actually use your vehicle for is downtown Beverly Hills. Another name for the Wilshire Corridor is the “Millionaire’s Mile”. This name was given due to these 2 to 3 miles stretch of connected land from Beverly Hills to Westwood Village. The ocean, city, and mountain view the residents experience here are truly magnificent. Also, the University of California Los Angeles is located only a few minutes from the Wilshire Corridor.

Holmby Hills

The actual development of Holmby Hills began in the early 20th century when Arthur Letts, Sr. bought the Wolfskill Ranch. Given Letts Sr. unfortunately passed away before the construction was completed, the final transformation of this 400 acre plot of land was overseen by his son-in-law, Harold Janss. The transformation turned the Wolfskill Ranch into the Holmby Hills Residential Estate Development. His ultimate vision was to create a neighborhood that has extremely lavish estates that maintained the highest elite status.

This legacy has definitely continued to develop throughout the years because Holmby Hills is easily one of the most exclusive and luxurious real estate developments in the country. When residents need to travel to and from this area, they have easy access to Los Angeles International Airport. If you are a traveler, this airport will satisfy all of your air travel needs as you hit the hot spots around the world. Although the Los Angeles International Airport is better for commercial travel, residents can experience private travel through both the Van Nuys World and Santa Monica Airpark Airports. These are both very closely located to Holmby Hills.

When trying to decide which air travel is best for you, know that Santa Monica Airpark is usually less packed. Although this is true, there are more restrictions on the size of the aircraft and the amount of sound that can be heard coming from the airport. If you have a heavier plane such as a Gulfstream jet, you may want to consider using Van Nuys World Airport for your travel. They offer a lot of accommodations to private planes like the Gulfstream, 727s, Boing BBJ, and a few other larger aircraft.

Not only is this a luxurious Los Angeles hot spot, but this is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the United States of America. Holmby Hills is one of the three cities in Los Angeles that make up the Platinum Triangle. The other two are Beverly Hills which is located to the East and Bel Air which is located to the North. Some of the largest, most rare homes and property lots in the world are located in this area. Some of these rare property lots offer residents the ability to enjoy more renovated mega-estates so they feel as if they’ve taken a step into the modern world.

The amazing weather in this area of Los Angeles is hard to beat in addition to the lots that have the most breathtaking views. The large backyards and other unique landscaping provide an incredible wow factor to this prestigious neighborhood. Moreover, the location of these condos provides residents with very easy access to other well renowned areas of Los Angeles.

Important Real Estate Information Holmby Hills

Holmby houses people from all over the world due to the luxury amenities and experience provided by this area. One of the most famous homes located in this area is the Playboy mansion. Near the Playboy mansion is the mansions that was owned by the late Aaron Spelling who lived there with his wife Candy. This Holmby Hills mansion is 50,000-plus-square-feet and contains a screening room and even an individual room for present wrapping. The mansion is located on 4.7 acres of land and now belongs to a 22-year-old British heiress. Candy, the late Aaron Spelling’s wife, sold the mansion for less than $150,000,000.
Holmby Hills contains plenty more amazing mansions just like this one and the neighborhood is filled with lovely people as well.

The Lifestyle Holmby Hills

Many high-level entertainment executives and business owners live in this area of Los Angeles County given its long-standing exclusivity. The beautiful landscaping adds a nice touch to the many extravagant mega-estates that are located in Holmby Hills. Ever since the 1920’s, many famous people have decided to make Holmby Hills their home from Hugh Hefner to James “Jimmy” Lovine. Other legends of Hollywood have also decided to live in this luxurious neighborhood including Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland

Major Attractions Holmby Hills

If you like to get out of the house on the weekends, there is plenty for you to do around the neighborhood. Holmby Hills is right next to very exclusive country clubs including the Los Angeles Country Club. The Bel Air Country Club is another exclusive club where you can enjoy a day out on the golf course.

When it comes to the nightlife, Holmby Hills is a completely residential area. Although this is true, Hugh Hefner was well known for throwing major parties at his mansion where the famous “grotto” pool is located. He would usually have people park at the nearby university, UCLA, and then they would be shuttled over to his exclusive mansion to party the night away.