Calabasas is known to be an extremely affluent city that’s located on the western edge of San Fernando Valley. This is the westernmost region of Los Angeles County. This area borders other prestigious locations such as Agoura Hills, the gated city of Hidden Hills, and Woodland Hills as well.
This area is very well situated amongst all the amazing events that occur within this region. There are plenty of popular attractions that residents of Calabasas can enjoy such as fine-dining, shopping, and golfing within the area. Also, Calabasas supports the Calabasas Country Club which is a great way for people in the community to come together and stay acquainted with each other. This country club has golf tournaments and a 6,000 square foot fitness center as well as other social events to appease any visitors who is a member of the club.

Important Real Estate Information

Calabasas is home to about 24,000 people. About 92.7% of the current population of Calabasas are United States citizens. Also, about 35.6% of the residents were born outside of the United States which amounts to about 8.53 thousand people. It’s great to know your neighbors so you truly understand that everyone comes from a different walk of life. Calabasas is a great place to embrace everyone’s cultural differences which provides for a wonderfully diverse community.

In Calabasas, the median house price is about $1,700,000. Also, the average price per square foot is around $600. The median price for the homes that have been sold in this area is slightly lower than the listing price at $1,500,000. Calabasas home values have gone up 21.7% over the past year.

The Lifestyle

Calabasas is very well known for the quiet suburban neighborhoods located in the Santa Monica Mountains. This area in west San Fernando Valley has continued to develop through the recent years. Now, this area contains more modern and exclusive homes as well as gated communities. The people who usually live in Calabasas are professional athletes and notable celebrities from all areas of California. The residents of this amazing neighborhood don’t have to worry about the paparazzi who plague the streets of other more mainstream Los Angeles areas.

Additionally, the residents here can enjoy the amazing mountain ranges as well as very easy access to the major attractions around this area. Luxury stores and amazing entertainment are only two of the most common past times for the locals here. Moreover, once they are done with their time out on the town, they can come back to a neighborhood that is private and serene. As the years continue to move along, the upgrades in Calabasas continue to manifest. This area has improved its amenities and is not home to some new high-end businesses that support the luxury lifestyle of most the residents.

Some of the most famous celebrities to date live in this neighborhood such as Kim Kardashian and Will Smith. They prefer this area because of the privacy they get from living here. Also, the homes are mere minutes away from many affluent shopping spots. The gated communities in this area are Hidden Hills and The Oaks in Calabasas. Due to the new attractiveness of these locations, the medium home prices have continued to increase and the new median price is $5,000,000.

Just as a reference, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought their mansion in Hidden Hills for around $20,000,000 and they’ve continued to renovate it over the years. The modern renovations in combination with the home appreciation has allowed this home to now have a $60,000,000 value. This neighborhood is truly a hotspot for many other celebrities who want to enjoy the serenity of Calabasas. Some of these Hollywood stars include Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Drake.

Many of the residents enjoy the small town feeling that Calabasas brings to the table. There are plenty of festive neighborhood events like the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival. In addition, the award-winning school system is a major attracting factor for families with children. The Las Virgenes Unified School District contains 15 different public schools that have all been very well ranked among Los Angeles County and the entire state of California.

Major Attractions

One of the many positive deciding factors for moving to Calabasas is the many attractions that can be found around the area. Residents enjoy taking a day to spend time outside of their home, but also delight in the fact that they can come back to a peacefully calm neighborhood. Below are some of the best attractions you will be able to experience when you go to Calabasas.

Leonis Adobe Museum

To serve as the private residence for Miguel Leonis who is a wealthy rancher, this structure was built in the year 1844. This is one of the oldest structures located within the San Fernando Valley. It is commonly listed on the National Register of Historic Places which just shows how much history and tradition are contained within the architecture. This living museum is completely open to any visitors who want to immerse themselves in the history and culture it provides.
This is a great place to take your entire family when you want to spend a history filled day out of the house. You will have the opportunity to see both the blacksmith shop and the barn that’s located on the premises. There are also plenty of ranch animals located here so if you have children, they will enjoy the opportunity of petting the ranch animals.

King Gillette Ranch

King C. Gillette used to own this property. This name may sound familiar given he is the founder of the Gillette razor brand that has become so popular around the world today. This ranch is now a historic part of Malibu Creek State Park. The visitors of this area can explore this ranch and all of the other public places around it however the deem necessary.
Although the Gillette brand was founded by King C. Gillette, this ranch was designed by Wallace Neff. He was an architect who came up with this design in the 1920s. When you visit this amazing plot of land, you will also have the opportunity to see the Chumash settlement which is also a great piece of history.
This entire area has a lot of historic background that continues to uplift and support the cultural resources that are home to the ranch. When visitors decide to take a tour here, they will learn about this rich culture as well as the archaeological resources that can still be found at this ranch today. Some other fun activities the King Gillette Ranch supports are picnics, biking, and hiking. All of these activities are great to complete with your family or your significant other.

Malibu Creek State Park

This is a marvelous plot of land that contains over 8,200 acres. Malibu Creek State Park was first created in 1974 in order to preserve the well-known canyon called Malibu Creek Canyon. This canyon is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. In addition, there are other natural preserves within the park such as Kaslow Preserve, Udell Gorge, and Liberty Canyon. These are all also available for visitors to sightsee.
Visiting any of these areas will give anyone the opportunity to learn more about the native Chumash people who originally inhabited this land. There is so much history behind the Chumash people and it is all contained within this wonderful park. During your visit, you may be luck enough to see the homesteads of these people because some of them are still standing to this day. Additionally, activities that visitors can enjoy are as follows: fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watching, and rock climbing. Some of these activities may be a little more intense for younger children, but there are plenty other fun activities for them to appreciate.

Saddle Peak Lodge

The rich history contained within Saddle Peak Lodge makes for an incredible day out with the family. Everyone is going to be able to appreciate the wonderful knowledge and fun experience to be gained from visiting this site. This colorful history dates back over a hundred years to when it was just a roadhouse and pony express top. Some even remember Saddle Peak being a hunting lodge for comers and goers.
The large variety of food served here is absolutely delicious and event the most picky eaters are sure to find pleasure in at least one tasty meal here. They also have an amazing brunch with options including the Alaskan benedict, the Monte Nido scramble, and the crab cake benedict. All of these delightful offerings will satisfy anyone’s tastebuds.

School Systems

Calabasas like many other neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, is a great place to raise a family. The school systems here are very well ranked within the entire state of California so you can be sure that your children are receiving a great education. Calabasas is home to both public and private schools alike. Some of the public schools include Lupin Hill Elementary, Bay Laurel Elementary, Round Meadow Elementary, and New Village Leadership Academy. In addition, there are also other great schooling options if you would prefer you children attend a private school. These schools include Arbor Academy, MUSE School CA, Calabasas Klubhouse Child Care Center, Montessori School-Hacienda Heights, and Montessori School-Valencia.